Sunday, December 09, 2007

Questions, questions.

I get a great deal of email and I respond to most of it but some of it I don't get to. In this post I'll try to answer questions asked and leave many of them without sufficient context.

Q: Did you see the girl buttrocket video I sent?

A: These videos never cease to make me laugh. The best part is where they're so surprised at the discomfort from the wick sparks...then the rocket fires and you wonder how much burnt hair and time spent explaining to an emergency room nurse followed.

Q: Do you think it was necessary for Romney to explain the role of his faith?

A: Only if he wants to be elected, otherwise no.

Q: How is your book coming along?

A: Work on the book is at a complete stop. Honestly I went to no less than 5 funerals since May...I've been writing but nothing that belongs in a light-hearted book. Sorry, I just haven't been ready yet.

Q: Where did you travel for Thanksgiving? Did you fly?

A: Spokane, Washington. No.

Q: You should do a post on police tazering.

A: I'm enraged everytime I see a person tasered because they didn't sign a traffic ticket or didn't calm down when a policeman is screaming at them to CALM DOWN and the only person in the video that isn't calm is the cop. I have a sad feeling that these types of documented incidents are going to lead to cops getting hurt or worse.

Q: What do you think will happen with the Ron Paul Revolution after 2008 has gone and someone else is president?

A: That's an excellent question. I see it breaking off in a few different directions. I see the Libertarian Party getting back the strength it had about 25 years ago. I see a more bold anti-establishment neo-anarchism coming. I see most of the people just dropping out again and staying cynical. As for me...not much will change...I've been writing about Ron Paul on my blog since it started three years ago...I'm the trend setter here.

Q: Got any plans for the holidays?

A: Trying to keep my family from being a huge source of disappointment.

New post coming soon!

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robert the grump said...

I think you're angling for a "Don't Tase Me Bro!" T-shirt for Christmas. Calm down. Maybe you'll get one. I SAID CALM DOWN RIGHT NOW!! Where's my damn Taser when I need it?

You're absolutely right about Romney, and also about buttrocket videos. Watching Romney squirm and young, drunken people get scorched never gets old.

As for the Ron Paul Revolution, it will amount to what these things always amount to; nothing. That's right, nothing. You can look up and down history and find a bunch of political figures that appealed to young people and caused them to protest, debate and speechify. But in every case, the same thing thing happened. They forgot to vote. People under the age of 30love to rage against the machine, but in the end they don't do squat about it. That's why we call them slackers.

I pity you for having to spend Thanksgiving in Spokane. Ironic that you have to spend that particular holiday with nothing to be thankful for. Spokane should be officially ceded to Idaho, and good riddance.