Thursday, June 04, 2009

Nice timing

I got home...the phone rang...I answered...

It was the police union asking people to donate to programs to help families of cops who have been hurt or suffered from the inherent dangers associated with their jobs.

I told them I'm looking to give as much money as I'm able to give to victims of police to pay for their medical bills and fund their legal costs to sue police departments and take legal action against individual cops who break the law by traumatizing citizens.

This guy chose to point out to me that I should appreciate it that the police make sacrifices to keep me and my family safe and would I consider even making a $15 donation.

I told him because he asked again I would double my donation and fundraising effort to help the family of Christopher Harris, who still remains in a coma.

On a side note: Courts have ruled several times over the years that it is not a police officer's job to keep individuals safe but to restore general order. Police talk about protecting and serving when they want our accolades but they'll readily hide behind "restoring order" when they've hurt or killed an innocent citizen.

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