Monday, June 01, 2009

I own GM!

Now that I own GM I’m going to bring back Pontiac and get rid of Saturn.  I’m going to make cool cars like the Trans Am from those old 70’s movies. 

As for Suzuki…bye bye…no more GM/Daewoo vehicles…I have nothing against Korean cars (I own two) but no one should buy a Daewoo at GM prices. 

I’m going to be so busy with my new car company that I know my summer is going to be booked. 

Drop off your suggestions in the comments about how we should steer our new car company.


Gino said...

what this country needs a return of the big block V8 el camino.

and a cadilac with a backseat big enough to make appropriate love in, like the good old days.

berburbaby said...

I'd dig a trans am remake. But, let's not make another boat of a car that's supposed to somehow be retro (looking at you dodge and t-bird).