Monday, June 01, 2009

Beating a Dead Horse

This video involves a high speed chase where the suspect is likely guilty…The suspect leaves his vehicle and fails to scale a fence to get away…realizing he is trapped he gives himself up to police (in a fashion that leaves me thinking he’s done this before) and then the brave police officer approaches the man who has given himself up and kicks him in the head while another officer comes along and beats him with a PR-24 baton. (Watch from 6:00 mark on for the money shot) This is for you Mr. Anonymous.

Is the piece of crap suspect deserving of arrest and the full force of the law against him if he’s found guilty? You bet! Is anything that these two officers did after he gave himself up peacefully lawful? I doubt it. They should see some jail time as well.

Don’t worry, I’m not turning this blog into an anti-statist, hate police blog…there are already those out there and they do a better job than I could. I just wanted Mr. Anonymous from the last post to realize that I could (if I wanted to) backup my claim that I could post a different video or news story of police brutality about everyday.


Gino said...

that guy deserved the kick in the face his mother should have given growing up.

yeah, i know...
bad cop move.
but a good deed none the less.

Mr. Evil said...

Wow, how do you keep finding these rare instances of police brutality? I think you should post 10 police brutality videos a day until you run out of them. Oh my bad, they will never run out until people start shooting them in self defense.

Tracy said...


You're 100% right. But as a small government guy I have to support privatized beatings...not government subsidized beatings.

I think his beating should've come in the free market of his family.