Sunday, June 21, 2009

Collecting Stuff

I collect a few things. Nothing I collect is worth much really.

Events today put me in position to waste time at a car collector show. Lots of restored cars. I wasn't impressed.

I walked around watching these people sit in lawn chairs next to their cars that were in various phases of restoration and you could tell their very lives were wrapped up in these projects. On what seemed like a nice day they had nothing better to do except hang around with other people who have dedicated their lives to restore their own bucket of bolts. I felt sorry for them really.

Then the weather turned. It really turned.

The first day of summer rolled in and along with it came an awesome hail storm. Panic erupted as every collector imagined the specter of their beloved old cars having as many dimples as a golf ball. They ran around...some started their cars and headed where...who can say? Where would they escape the hail storm? Others ran for cover as the lightning showed up shortly after the hail. What fun. I laughed inside and laughed a great deal.

They should all get a new hobby or at least move their weird gathings indoors...where moth and rust do not quickly.

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Gino said...

when i see a 74 Nova all restored and displayed as a relic like that, it makes me feel even older than already am.