Tuesday, June 16, 2009

David Letterman and the Palins

I've always liked Letterman and have preferred his show to both Leno and Carson over the years. His joke about A-Rod knocking up the Governor's daughter was just another joke in a long line against the Palin family. One of the jokes was going to go too far...unfortunately it was Letterman's.

During the election, Obama simply stated to the press that his family was off-limits and the press honored it. Hell, they honored everything he did to the point of worship. Palin's family was the subject of a great media focus...most of the time unfairly.

Letterman apologizes and now finally Sarah Palin's family is off-limits because one joke could be taken to mean something that was beyond the taste of the average American.

I hope the Palin's enjoy their time of being left alone and I hope this joke doesn't become a Don Imus moment for Letterman.


Gino said...

i had high opinions of your intellect until now,tracy.

letterman has never been funny, and i dont know how the hell you could have thought so.

maybe you been toking that Libertarian party tobacco, or something?

Tracy said...

ha ha ha. Somehow I've always laughed at Letterman. I have to admit I've not seen him much in the last 5 or 6 years since I don't even watch television and currently don't even own one...so you may be right.

But to be fair, I never found Alan Thicke that funny.

Gino said...

buy a tv.
and get cable.
your life will improve.

i thought leno was funny. and carson.
but nobody else.

PlatinumGirl said...

Ugh -- Palin, as usual, made so much more of that than was even remotely reasonable. She can say whatever she wants about anyone else, but if anyone says boo about her or her redneck family it's beyond the pale. She should go crawl under a rock.