Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Okay Chrysler...the joke is over.

You've gone too far this time.  It was bad enough how it started:

  1. First you take my money from me because I don't buy your cars.
  2. Then you spend my money to thank me for the money you took.

and now...your strategy for rebuilding your company is to align with...FIAT!?!?

Chrysler will have you believe that they'll benefit by sharing platforms and technology with the likes of Maserati and Ferrari but don't hold your breath for the new Ford Focus to appear on a Magnum PI reunion show.  Forget those famous Italian brands and think more along the lines of Lancia.

What next Chrysler?  Who is your next strategic partner to join your road show of scrap metal debris?  I'm thinking you probably already have AutoVAZ on the phone ready to import the Lada.

This whole thing would be funnier had I not be paying for it.


Gino said...

sounds like chrysler is in a lada crap,huh.

Justin Berger said...

I think it's time for the DeLorean to make a comeback.