Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chesty the Cat - RIP

Chesty the Cat - 199?-2009

Chesty came into my life back in the 90's like any stray cat would. He wandered up to my door and wanted food. I didn't give him any. I decided if he came back and was friendly even though I didn't feed him then he may actually be worth adopting.

He did come back and I did adopt him though the jury is still out on whether it was worth it. That said, I liked Chesty quite a bit.

I named him Chesty because I thought he was a female and I gave him a stripper name. Chesty LaRue was his full name. I took him to the vet to get him fixed and even the vet was fooled...until they called me back about an hour after I dropped him off and told me, "We're calling about Chesty...the cat is apparently a male...after closer examination we discovered a penis." I knew at that point I had a bond with this cat that would be long lasting. How many people can claim they have a cat with a wang so small that it even fools a doctor?

Chesty peed in my kitchen. It was annoying. I put down puppy pee pads in the kitchen because he would use them and it controlled the mess and odor and clean up. He also used the litter box too, just not exclusively. I tried everything to break him of it but he was beyond help. The cat was retarded.

He visited me last night in his last healthy moment and I pet him. He didn't really eat yesterday and I knew with his weight down so much it was only a matter of time. He labored all night and I knew this morning that today would be his last day.

I called the vet to see if I could get him put to sleep humanely and got a 10am appointment. He died just after 9am. I called back the vet to cancel the appointment and they said it would've been helpful to give them more notice. I told them that my cat didn't bother to tell me when he was going to die and that I would not be taking any animal to them in the future. A tip: Ask for a reason for the cancellation if you don't know why the appointment was made in the first place. Assholes.

My son and I dug a grave and had a brief Anglican graveside service for him. More than the cat deserved really but I wanted to convey to my son that what we were doing was respectful and thankfully he understood. My 3 year old son's eulogy was this:

"Chesty was a good kitty. Now he is dead. Bye bye Chesty!"

Indeed. Bye bye Chesty.

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lynda said...

bye bye chesty ... :'(

berburbaby said...

Chesty LaRue, the name Homer wanted Marge to take in the episode where he became Max Power. It was a good name, even if he was a boy.

The vet that couldn't identify the sex told Tracy he should rename the cat Chester. Like he would listen to a vet that couldn't even tell the sex of a cat. Wasn't even the same asshole vet.

David said...

Sorry to hear about your loss.

Sharonus said...

RIP Chesty!

Tell Scooter, Rocky, Sylvester, Rocky II, Cleo, Forrest and a bunch of other cats whose names I've now forgotten that I said "Hi".

Tracy said...

He's peeing in front of God's refrigerator now.

Gino said...

i'm coming up to the same loss soon enough.
my cat is 20, and not always well.

condolences for your loss.

Esther said...

I'm sorry. Pets are important even if they're weird sometimes.