Thursday, January 22, 2009

Historic Piles of Garbage

The large crowd of advocates for change left 130 tons of garbage on the Washington Mall.  How inspiring. 

To Obama's credit one little bit of our nation's garbage has been cleaned up.  The detention facility at Gitmo will close as well as various other "secret" prisons around the world.  Not right away but within a year which is plenty of time to decide what to do with these people.  In many cases their countries of origin will execute them anyway.

Now Mr. trade with Cuba.


Justin Berger said...

I think Obama has scammed all the dems and repugnants -- err I mean Republicans...and is going to blow the lid off the whole government and spill all of the secrets.

income tax, asteroids and aliens, oh my!

Esther said...

I hope we open trade with Cuba. Then maybe we can get cheap cane sugar and use that as our sweetener of choice. Corn syrup just doesn't taste as good. Also, I'm allergic to corn syrup.

Dave Johnson said...

I also hope we see an upswing in Jean Claude Van Damme movies, as The Rock really doesn't cut it for me. Also, The Rock killed my parents when I was a child.