Sunday, February 03, 2008

Government is force - part 2

Hillary disclosed recently that she is prepared to garnish the wages (take money that doesn't belong to her) of citizens who do not buy healthcare to ensure universal care for all.  This is a brand new take on her overall idea of the role government:  Force = Compassion.  Like the old saying goes:  Those who rob Peter to pay Paul rarely hear a complaint from Paul.  Our country should be very wary of electing anyone who think socialism is still a great idea but just hasn't been tried by the right people yet.

Police brutality videos are all over the Internet and growing daily.  People being tazed, beaten and strip searched for doing terrible things against society like:

  • Not signing a traffic ticket
  • Refusing to be searched without cause
  • Not calming down when a cop is shouting CALM DOWN into your face while pointing a weapon at you.

The Rodney King video went a long way toward making the routine traffic stop anything but routine.  Resentment was born from the frustration in minority neighborhoods where the police have been out of control for a long time.  Now the setting for these videos is largely white suburbia

This isn't a good trend and it's not a good time to be a police officer.  If this continues, law enforcement is going to see a backlash.  And if they lose middle-America as an ally people will start coming to the aid of victims of police brutality and abusive force. 


robert the grump said...

I'm not convinced that universal health care is the best solution, but I'm also not convinced that it's the wrong one.

However, garnishing wages to force people to pay for it is draconian and against the spirit of the constitution.

I see the need. If we have universal health care, everyone needs to pay their fair share.

The Europeans tax you for it. That seems like a more elegant solution. Only in America is the talk of raising taxes met with pitchforks and torches, even though we pay much less tax than Europe, but it beats being garnished.

My solution is to have Ron Paul treat all the people who don't have health insurance. He's a doctor, right?

The Libertarian solution is to make everyone pay for their own health insurance privately, freeing corporations from the burden. That will surely make America more competitive in business, at least until all the workers die from lack of health care.

I like Obama's solution better. He makes universal health care available by choice, not force. A small but important difference.

Tracy said...

Yeah, great solution. That Obama is a genius. Choice and Government intervention isn't going to work because there will always be uninsured. So while they strive for "no fever left behind" they'll end up with either dumping the program or expanding it...and you and I know dumping a federal program is like trying to get rid of a crazy ex-girlfriend that sees you as a father-figure. What you're describing is EXACTLY how Medicare started in 1965 by the way...and now that program (along with a few illegal wars) is consuming the economy.

robert the grump said...

Don't worry. We can pay for the entitlement of universal health care by taxing the rich until they bleed.

I'm totally for that, unless I win the lottery. Then I advocate getting off my back and letting me buy another Ferrari.

As for Medicare, thank goodness we have it. Who the hell can afford private insurance on a fixed income?

Until you fix health care costs, you can't yank the Medicare rug out from under us.