Thursday, February 21, 2008

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot

I just spent the better half of a day looking at Barack Obama's issues platform and I'm really lost on where exactly the "change" is.  There must be a code in it that I don't understand but on the surface it just looks like the New Deal Part 2.  Not exactly progressive.  He talks about fiscal responsibility but the other portion of the plank uses the word "investment" too much. 

Let me explain something about investment:  Anyone who owns something or produces something can invest.  They can take the profit from their risk and invest it to provide more wealth, security, or insurance against a rainy day.  That is what investment is. 

Government cannot invest.  Government does not own anything.  Government does not produce anything.  To "invest" it must first take by force the property of productive people and then spend it by giving it to someone else.  You may call it an investment but it's really just tax and spend.  Not all tax and spend is wrong but when they couch it in terms of investment I begin to find myself trying to control a gag reflex.  As the old saying goes...don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.

So on the subject of Mr. Obama...I'm not exactly sure what the love affair with him is but if you all want him as president...I suppose we can give it a shot.  He likely won't earn my vote.


Cindy said...

Well said about Obama...I've not heard a new idea from him since he announced. We'll see if he actually brings the troops home. Probably quicker than 100 years.

little-cicero said...
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little-cicero said...

Right on. In a republic, the people are to invest in the government, not the other way around. Money is power, and if the government is able to invest money in the people, so can they invest power, and by way of its investment and the people's complacency, the power will be all theirs.

It still remains to be said whether a popular republic is the best sort of government.