Monday, February 11, 2008

The Stimulus Package

The best description I've read regarding Bush's stimulus package comes from Bob Higgs at the Mises Circle in Houston:

Bush's stimulus is akin to filling up buckets of water from the deep end of the pool, then spilling them into the shallow end, and expecting the water level to rise.

Credit Max Raskin at the LRC blog at Lew Rockwell's site.


Warren said...

I would add that they are using buckets with holes in them, so less water is dumped back in than was taken out.

Gino said...

i still want my $800, or $600, or $300...
whatever its down to now.

Ronald said...

Same here Gino, I want my dough back also. They had no right to take it anyway.

robert the grump said...

So Bush is going to hand me a check for peanuts and then slap me in the face with the AMT.

Does he think we won't notice that the biggest tax increase in the history of the middle class is taking place? Does he think he's fooling us if he cuts us a check for gas money?

He's doing the same shuck and jive that his old man pulled with the "read my lips, no new taxes" BS.

No new taxes, technically speaking is true. But the fact remains that the AMT was designed to stop the wealthy from cheating on their taxes, but like idiots, Congress didn't index it for inflation.

So now it is a new tax on the middle class, even if the tax is not new per se.

And those of us in the state of Washington have to further deal with the indignity of losing our sales check excemption this year. While states with income tax get to deduct them, we don't. We get penalized for having a different tax structure.

Bush is like the David Blaine of street politics. Presto! You're broke and I can claim I didn't raise taxes!

Tracy said...

Listen to you Grump...not willing to pay your fair share. You obviously have no idea how to better society with your wealth so it must be taken from you. It's what is only right and fair.

If you need tips with your bunker let me know...I have a few floorplans that you might like.