Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Greatest Podcast in the World

The Dave and Steve Show is like your garden variety morning radio show without unenlightening traffic reports, annoying commercials and the business stock report that no one understands.

I draw your attention to it because sometimes Steve's busy schedule takes him to other places and I have been invited on the show as an emergency spare.  Similar to the little donut spare you have in the trunk of your's not something you'd want to rely on for very long but it will nervously get you by until you can get a real tire back on. 

Grump and I have talked at length about doing a show based on travel but we have yet to settle on a format.  It could be coming soon and you'd be in for a treat since Grump actually had a successful radio program at one time (he even had me as a guest) and well...I've owned a radio for years.

So go to The Dave and Steve Show and you can hear a great show and hear my dumb voice at the same time.


Ronald said...

The last episode you were on was pretty good. Your voice isn't that dumb in fact it sounds like it could be a decent radio voice.

I can't wait to hear Grump actually.

Esther said...

I thought you had a good radio voice. You were a bit cryptic though. There needed to be more Tracy in the show.

It was very amusing all around in an eighth grade boy sort of way.