Tuesday, October 02, 2007

2006 Election Turning out better than anyone could imagine

I was on record that the best thing we could hope for in the 2006 election was that Democrats would be elected and the sweet taste of refreshing gridlock would follow.

Boy howdy, has that come true. Here has been the legacy of the new congress:

1. Legislation to make medals to honor Rosa Parks.

2. Resolution condemning Rush Limbaugh.

3. A brand new budget fight!

4. OMG! A Veto!

In other words nothing has been accomplished. No dumb ideas on public funded healthcare. No ridiculous plans to expand programs. Now if we can just get the troops home we can all stand as one united country in the wake of a do-nothing government.

That would be a dream come true. God Bless America.


Esther said...

I was just thinking yesterday about how the only thing this Congress has been able to get behind full force is the decision to condemn Rush Limbaugh. Our borders are still wide open. I guess in some ways gridlock is good though. ;oP

Ronald said...

I was tempted to think that their inaction was just hypocrisy but it really looks like a blessing in disguise. That makes quite a bit of sense.

robert the grump said...

Condeming Rush Limbaugh is the most important action Congress has taken in years. Thank goodness they finally said something about that vile, drug-addled radio host.

Your pipedream will only last a short time. The Dems will soon pick up the presidency and more seats in Congress. At that point, the Republicans will no longer be able to stifle progress.

If Libertarians ran the country, we'd still be driving on dirt roads between the states. Except for the areas where they run their moonshine operation.

Gino said...

if libertarians ran the country, there would be no moonshine.