Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Democrat Debate

I really really enjoyed this debate. It was filled with some great exchanges and offered far more differing opinions on subjects than I suspected.

Here is a summary of what I learned:

They all love force. Every problem that was the subject of a question was answered with phrases like "we need to deal with" "we need to do something about" "we need to give" I did finally hear one of the candidates use the F-word to describe their policy. Keep in mind that what George Washington wrote about government was true --Government is force.

Joe Biden is pretty funny.

Hillary is the frontrunner for a reason.

Holy Crap! Dennis Kucinich saw a UFO not too awfully far from where I live!!!

Chris Dodd opened his mouth and made sense.

Bill Richardson is posturing for a VP position.

Apparently Barak Obama is black.

John Edwards was talking about two Americas again. I want to live in whichever America has a decent chance of him not being president.

Hillary likes the idea of three different types of driver's license. One that you can use at airports as photo ID, another that you can use to just drive your car, and one other that allows cops to know it's okay to use a stun gun on you.

You used to have to enter into discussions with government-program-loving-Democrats about the unintended consequences of their well-intended ideas but now you can win simply with one statement: WE'RE BROKE. Blame Bush, blame Reagan, blame Ford, blame whoever you want...it doesn't change what's true. The money is gone.

The next president whoever it is does not need to be looking for ways to spend money. This country needs bi-partisan cuts and sound currency before we'll ever be able to call ourselves prosperous again.

Oh, and one more thing: Kucinich is a space alien.


Alex said...

It's a well-known fact Sunny Jim that Kucinich is a space alien. How are you just now figuring that out?

--The movie reference was just for you. :-]

Ronald said...

Three kinds of drivers license? I don't like that idea at all. Let undocumented people stay undocumented. That's the American way.

Gino said...

we dont need to worry bout the cost of anything. the next admin, of either party, will just print more.
never thought i'd think this, but i may ask my boss to start paying me in euros.

and somehow, i dont think anybody is suprised that kucinich saw a UFO.

Anonymous said...

Wait, Obama is black?