Thursday, October 18, 2007

When you run for president and no one cares.

Senator Sam Brownback ends his bid for the presidency tomorrow...and no one cares.

Well, I shouldn't say no one does because I do. In the GOP debates Brownback always took the full allotment of his time. He needed to take all of the time given to him because he never really said anything in his answers. This time could've been used by someone who would actually give an answer...namely Dr. Paul.

A perfect example of a Brownback answer comes from an early debate. The question was whether it was right for President Bush to open dialogue with Iran. Check this out:

"But I think we have to at times talk with them in different situations. Like, before we went into Afghanistan, we talked with Iran. It wasn't we were negotiating. We didn't open up formal diplomatic relations and we shouldn't. Iran is the lead sponsor of terrorism. On Iraq, I think we need to talk with them."

I didn't just pick a goofy quote here and exploit him as a goofball either. Many of his quotes from debates are far worse than this. During the debate hosted by Morgan State University (traditionally black as they describe themselves) he stated that he relates more to black people because he's actually spent a night in jail. In attempt to top all his other efforts to be crazier than an outhouse rat he said he secured Federal funds (read: your money) to build a black culture museum. The audience stared at the stage in disbelief...I was on the floor in front of my TV holding my gut from laughter.

I've supported Libertarian presidential candidates who have drawn bigger crowds than Brownback. I know how a perfectly competent person can look dumb while under the national microscope so I won't be too hard on him. I think the shameful part of his candidacy is he didn't bring anything to the table. He offered nothing that couldn't be found in at least three other candidates (except for being Roman Catholic which I believe only Rudy can also claim).

One area where Brownback should be applauded before he leaves the national stage: His campaign was not in debt. Donate the rest of it to that museum Sam...and thanks for the laughs.


Esther said...

He had the only air conditioned tent at the Iowa Straw Poll.

Gino said...

then i'd say that made him smarter than the rest. if only that once.

Ronald said...

I've never heard of him...which is why he's dropping out. I watched one of the debates and I don't remember him being in it.

Gino said...

tom vilsak dropped out first.

yeah, when the governor of iowa has a recognition problem in iowa you know it doesnt look good for him in the other primaries either.