Friday, September 28, 2007

Last Night's Presidential Forum

A Summary:

Brownback used many words to answer questions and I can't recall a single one of them.

Alan Keyes is black.

Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo...the room seemed colder when they spoke.

Huckabee thinks there's more crime in inner cities because of drug and alcohol problems. Nice Mike.

Ron Paul correctly pointed out that prohibition is not only unwise but unfairly prosecuted against minorities in our justice system. I was not surprised that Ron Paul had the loudest cheers throughout the whole evening from an audience that has probably never cast a vote for a Republican.

Romney, Thompson, Rudy and McCain didn't show up because of a mix of excuses offered that ranged from scheduling conflicts to fear of an inhospitable atmosphere at this traditionally Black College. In my view the forum was a model of civility and all those involved operated within a very high standard of decorum. America needs more forums like this one.

Huckabee is so dumb, I'm not sure he'd be that great of a pastor let alone president.


robert the grump said...

I think the frontrunners begged out because they've long since given up on the idea of capturing a single vote from the African-American community. You might see them begging out of any forum dominated by Latinos or Jews as well.

They are wise to conserve the money. Why deny the fact that this is the party of rich white people? If you don't own a big chunk of Standard Oil, you aren't welcome.

Those that did show up, with the exception of Ron Paul, are just plain desperate. I think Ron Paul just cares about the plight of African-Americans. That should disqualify him from the Party, right there.

Hillary Clinton will receive a larger chunk of the black vote than Alan Keyes. Hillary has more in common with black people than Alan Keyes.

Tancredo is in the race as comic relief at this point. The dude can fire off the zingers. I hope he sticks it out for the amusement value.

Huckabee is the opposite of that other Governor of Arkansas. For example, Bill Clinton is smart, speaks articulately and is politically adroit.

Who is Duncan Hunter?
What is a Brownback?

After listening to this mess, it's looking better and better for the Dems in '08. My new slogan is; Hillary Clinton - a sweeter Bush and no Dick.

Gino said...

i was a keyes supporter back in the late 90s and in 00, but i think he's just running for no good reason now.

he peaked in '00. and should have realized it.

Ronald said...

Keyes is like a reunion group without its original singer.

Esther said...

Keyes came to do a speech at my school once a few years ago. He refused to come unless he was put up in a really nice hotel 60 miles from the school and driven from that hotel in a limo. Yeah, that kind of burst my bubble. I thought he was interesting back before '00. He got kind of bitter as time went on. He reminds me of what I have read of Barry Goldwater.

Tracy said...

Someone handed me a pamphlet on Keyes years ago as I was heading to a ball game in Seattle.

I remember thinking to myself:

"I wonder if I have time to get some food before kick off."

berburbaby said...

The only thing I remember from the debate is that they were all very good questions, and they all deserved a really good answer...

Oh, and that Ron Paul kicked butt...the crowd said so.