Saturday, May 19, 2007

The wayward GOP

The recent reaction to Ron Paul's candidacy within the GOP has very shown very clearly that what Democrats have been saying about the party is quite true.

Since the 2nd debate the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party started a petition to the RNC to have Ron Paul removed from future debates. The Chairman withdrew his petition because he had about 14 signatures all while a petition to keep Ron Paul in the debates had about 12,000 early this afternoon.

I really resist trying to make this blog about Ron Paul but you have to admit it's very telling. Ron is considered to be too 'out of step' with Republicans but in the current crowd I would imagine Barry Goldwater would be considered too out of mainstream.

My parents were Goldwater Republicans. They took me to their Republican club meetings when I was little and talking politics is like speaking a second language to me. I know what Republicans used to be.

For Republicans to support the top 3 candidates this is what Republicans must force themselves to believe:

Reducing the size of government is not important.

Abortion is suddenly a tricky subject.

The Federal Government holds the primary responsibility for

As a nation, we have a moral obligation to force democracy on
other nations.

Osama Bin Laden hates us because we're free, except when we were helping him fight the Soviets...we were free then but he didn't realize it or something...not sure on this one.

Printing money and selling it off as reserve currency to China just to pay the bills of our overextended government is not only normal but a great idea.

Marriage between a man and a woman is constitutionally protected or at least should be.

The party has lost its way and to any of you that read this blog and call yourself a Republican you must really understand this. It's important now that you nominate someone who actually believes the principles you wish to or lose.

Only in this way will the GOP build a base that will once again throw off the corrupt Country Club Rockefeller Republican types...just like Goldwater did in '64.

GOP Fun Fact: Not convinced that the Republican Party needs new blood? Since 1952 (with the exception of 1964) every Republican presidential ticket contained either a Nixon, Dole or Bush.


Gino said...

throwing it down to LC,eh?

i left the party, with hope of returning, a decade ago.

it looks like we may never reconcile.

i will re register,though.
just to vote for paul.

Anonymous said...

I always vote for Republicans. I don't know why you think the party has lost its way just because the candidate you support isn't winning. Why not try to support someone who can win?