Tuesday, May 08, 2007

France - If only we were as sophisticated

Back in 2004 I remember listening on NPR (ugh, yes sometimes I do listen) how France was particularly irritated with us after our country reelected George W. Bush. I remember reading other articles about how their reaction was not only disappointment but also contempt for our collective stupidity. How were we so dumb to elect this man? I partially agree, but only to the point that in both cases his opponent was also an idiot.

In 2000 I voted for Harry Browne and in 2004 Michael Badnarik who I believed would've been far better choices however not perfect ones (at least in Badnarik's case). Some of you who voted for Kerry were VERY upset but limited your grief to merely savoring liberal political cartoons and talking around the water cooler about how dumb Bush was.

Now France has elected a new president and has for the short term rejected a Socialist leader. Their reaction was to be upset and then have some riots too. The country that presumes to lecture us about our lack of sophistication and dim-witted voting has shown they neither have the capability or capacity to take the election results and the peaceful transition of power with any grace. I think in this example my dear French friends, we have surpassed you in sophistication.

I'm not going any further on this and be seen as piling on France. Why we aren't good friends with this country is beyond me. They helped us in the American Revolution and we in turn helped them in both world wars. We should be friends and friends that trade freely.

I'm glad that the new president of France wants to be friends with us. I only hope we return the sentiment.


Gino said...

we owe the success of our revolution to the french, and they owe the inspiration for theirs to our example.

we should be better friends, better than with the UK, as a matter of familial affinity. and i think america wants to be, but france just has more assholes per capita than we do.

Anonymous said...

You are correct Gino, they are a very asshole rich country.

robert the grump said...

The French set a good example for the rest of the world. We should encourage developing nations to follow their example.

For instance, they limit the work week to 35 hours by law. They cannot be fired from a job, even if they pull down their pants and crap on the bosses' desk. And they get about three months of vacation a year.

The English and Germans have similar laws, but only the French have truly mastered the art of unproductivity.

If only China and India would adopt such culturally superior standards.

That would guarantee that the USA would remain the dominant economic power for the remainder of history.