Tuesday, May 15, 2007

GOP Debate - Part 2

Wow! This one wasn't nearly as nice.

I love how the Democrats wouldn't go on Fox News because they thought it was biased while at the same time the Republicans went on MSNBC to have a debate moderated by a former democrat Speaker of the House chief of staff. That was fair and balanced I guess?

So in the so-called friendly confines of the Fox News Channel this debate got feisty. Hell, even Rudy got all over Ron Paul for suggesting that Al Qaeda attacked us because of our involvement in the Middle East. Funny, I remember Bin Laden saying exactly that...I guess Rudy think he's lying and the real reason he attacked us is because the former mayor of New York dressed in drag. Who knew?

Chris Wallace even told the candidates several times that they weren't answering the questions. I thought the questions were very pointed and forced the candidates to take real positions on what were mostly stupid subjects that don't really impact most Americans.

As usual, Ron Paul was the only one correct on the issue of Iraq...but I'm not fair and balanced.

My declared winner: Rudy

Best one-liner: Huckabee's comment on Congress spending money "like John Edwards at a beauty parlor."


Anonymous said...

The Edwards line was pretty funny....nice cheapshot.

robert the grump said...

McCain continued to self destruct with his strange transmorgification into George W. Bush's clone. Now he not only is the last supporter on Earth of the Iraq war as conducted by Bush, but he plans to uphold Bush's tax cuts, which he voted against originally.

What next? Will McCain deny that he was a POW in Vietnam and claim that he actually deserted to play politics, like his new role model?

Hard to say what Rudy was thinking. I guess he believes that Al Qaeda attacked America because "they hate freedom" as Dubya always tells us. It couldn't have anything to do with our support for Israel, general disregard for Muslims and the Arab world, and our constant tampering in the Middle East to insure that we get all of "our" oil out of their ground.

Huckabee should heed his own joke and spend some time at Edward's beauty parlor. He isn't going to win on the issues, so he should try being pretty. That's what Edwards is doing.

Tancredo may be insane. Well, more insane than the others. I believe all of the Republican candidates are certifiable, but Tancredo is Britney Spears crazy. He thinks all the others are soft on imigration. He must also think that Hitler was soft on Jews.

Tancredo did get off the best line I heard all night. On the sudden swing to the right on core issues by his competitors he said, "I trust those conversions when they happen on the road to Damascus and not on the road to Des Moines,"

Take that, Rudy, Mitt and McCain!

I was hoping for full-on fistfight, like in the British Parliament, so overall I was disappointed. But there were some good verbal dust ups. I give them a B-. Good beat, but hard to dance to.

Ronald said...

Ron Paul seems more like a democrat than a republican. Why doesn't he just jump ship and stop acting like something he's not?

Tracy said...

Yes, Ron Paul is exactly like a democrat Ronald...good observation.

After all Democrats are widely known for wanting to abolish the Income Tax.

After all Democrats are famous for their zeal for reducing the size of government.

Democrats are sound money hawks and hate deficit spending.

Democrats love getting rid of entitlements and promoting more economic freedom for individuals.

Yeah, he's just like a democrat...and similarly you're just like a smart person.

robert the grump said...

Ron Paul is definitely not a Democrat. It's silly to even go there.

He'd not much of a Republican, either, despite running as one.

So he must be a member of a third party. Historically, there is only one major independent party - that's right...he's a Communist!

Tracy said...

Communist?!?!? Don't make me climb out of my bunker!