Monday, May 21, 2007

The Illegal Immigrants and the Original American Dream

Lots of talking about immigration this week. I've heard the following statement more than a few times in the last few days:

No one is suggesting we can deport 12 million people. We need to get them a legal status so they can pay taxes and be documented.

Wait a minute. Are you telling me that 12 million people came here from another country and were willing to cross the desert just to be able to work even without a social safety net?

I have an idea:

Instead of documenting illegal immigrants why not make the rest of us more like THEM? I'd like to be an undocumented American. Perhaps if I could become a Mexican citizen I could come here illegally and actually live the original American dream.

Think about that the next time your local politican goes on and on about building a wall to keep them out.


Gino said...

spending 40yrs in CA, i can you, they are well aware of the safety net, and come here knowing how to network through it better than most american born.

visit the welfare office and try to find somebody who isnt speaking spanish, or somebody who actually knows english.

Tracy said...

You're right in California though there is no federal safety net for them. I did consider this as I wrote the post and I know the immigrants tend to gather in immirant friendly states. Mine is becoming increasingly friendly them in terms of give-aways.

robert the grump said...

Tracy is right. The state of Washington is becoming far too friendly for illegal immigrants.

There has to be a way to send the damn Irish back to Europe.