Thursday, May 03, 2007

GOP Debate

This is a summary of most of the field:

Iran - Huge threat. Holy Cow! We gotta do something!

Iraq - The war was mismanaged but we're not against mismanaging it a little more in a different way.

Gay people - They can be fired for being least in Wisconsin.

Abortion Summary - I was pro-choice now I'm pro-life but I'm okay with the states making whatever decision they want to make even if I personally would make another choice because I'm against choice.

Evolution - Sure why not, but I still believe in God...but that won't impact my policy decisions unless it does.

Monetary Policy - (crickets)

Would you pardon Scooter Libby? - Who is this Scooter Libby you speak of?

What's the difference between a Shiite and a Sunni Muslim - Rudy nailed this question and impressed both people still watching at this point.

Ron Paul's summary - Against the war in Iraq, Iran is not really a threat, our bad foreign policy forces us into debt, our debt forces us into bad monetary policy, our bad monetary policy forces us to keep our poorest Americans poor. Also he said he would never interfere with habeas corpus to which most Americans probably mumbled, "What the hell did he say?" Ron needs to remember that he needs to dumb it down for the GOP audience; he's not speaking in front of the LP.

My overall thoughts - I liked this debate as much as I enjoyed the Democrat debate. The GOP debate was more civil. Also, calling it a debate isn't as accurate than calling it a style-points contest on a 10-way press conference. I rooted for Ron Paul but it was obvious to anyone watching that Rudy and Mitt probably did the best. Worst performance was Tommy Thompson though I will say that if the debate was a brawl...Tommy would've won hands down.

Anyone else have thoughts on what they saw or sound bites they heard later?


Adam said...

I thought Rudy hurt himself with his attempts to get out of answering any questions about abortion. Pro-choice is one thing, but dishonesty is another.

Anonymous said...

I thought the whole thing was a big bore and I lost count how many times they brought up reagan. Ron Paul is crazy if he thinks Iran is not a threat to our security

Tracy said...

I disagree about Rudy's answer. Rudy's position is much like my own and I'm not being the least bit dishonest.

I think abortion is terrible for society in general and is tragic for individuals, but abortions are not on the table simply because they are legal, they have been performed without regard to legality.

If Roe v Wade is overturned (not repealed since it isn't a law but rather an interpretation of law by a court) the issue is only going to be resolved at the state level. This would be a good federalist position as the 10th Amendment would clearly apply here.

It's okay to point out that Rudy simply doesn't have much passion in this. The only thing he has wavered on is the public funding of abortion which he thinks is okay if a state chooses to but is against federal funding.

How is this dishonest? Is it possible to just have a federalist point of view without much passion? That may be wrong in your eyes, but not dishonest.

Esther said...

I'm definitely for the federalist view. I think centralization of power into the Federal government was a bad deal for America.

I also think abortion is wrong.

Anyways, I did not watch the debate. I've been doing some reading to catch up on what went on. It's interesting. I agree with your take that it was less of a debate and more of a press conference from what I have read elsewhere.