Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Primary Endorsements

I've conceded long ago that the next president will not be someone I supported or voted for. I'm willing to let the rest of you elect the next moron to take up a chair in the oval office. Because 90%+ of the folks that read this blog are supporters of either the Democrat Party or the GOP, I thought I'd give some early endorsements. I realize fully that my nod in their direction will doom their campaign forever...but here it goes.

Democrat: Governor Bill Richardson

Honestly if either of the last two governors of New Mexico had run for president I would've voted for either of them. I know of no other state in our great land that has a better gubernatorial pedigree. Richardson balanced the budget in the state while lowering taxes. He is a problem solver that understands that every problem cannot be solved by government. He is an old-time Democrat and one that deserves your support if you lean that way.

Republican: Congressman Ron Paul

Ron Paul is not your average Republican. He is at odds with the GOP on many major issues and is a principled leader in congress...respected and hated by members of both parties. Ron Paul finished 3rd in the 1988 presidential race and has served nine terms in Congress. He is for limited government and votes his beliefs in congress. If you're a true limited government Republican there is really nowhere else to look.

There you have it. In the most pragmatic way possible I've put two choices out there. Now don't give me any of your 'they have no chance of winning' crap because this IS THE PRIMARIES. This is how you shape the ideals of your party. You don't have to support a winner in the primaries. Paul Tsongas lost but shaped Bill Clinton. Patrick Buchanan made George H W Bush remember his conservative base. If you all give up your principles in the primaries then there is truly no hope.


little-cicero said...

Spot on! I was thinking "Why can't Tim Caine run for the Dems, but after looking at Bill Richardson, I would definitely consider voting for him as governor. Unlike Clinton, he didn't have a tech boom to eliminate his deficit.

Ron Paul probably has no chance of winning, but by supporting him in primaries we can send a message to the GOP that WE DON'T LIKE THEM! I hate it when my dad and his wealthier friends who are the local "kingmakers" in city politics go with whichever candidate has the ability to win. One of the greatest threats to democracy is the self-fullfilling prophesy of popularity.

Gino said...

i may register as a dem, and vote for cynthia mc kinney.(i hear she's thinkin about a run)

anybody that would strike an armed cop has attitude.
we need more attitude.

Anonymous said...

Who would win in a fight?

McKinney or Clinton

Answer carefully.

robert the grump said...

If McKinney and Clinton fought under WWE rules, McKinney would domainate until Bill Clinton jumps into the ring and coldcocks her with a folding chair.

Winner: Hillary.

The actual Presidential race could arguably be similar to that. Bill is the secret weapon. Regardless of what you think of him, he is the smartest political thinker out there and he will outwork anybody.

I do like Bill Richardson. I like him the way Joe Biden likes people. Richardson is articulate and most importantly, to Biden and I, he is clean. Biden defines "clean" as new and fresh. I define it as, "hasn't started a war that has drained our country's soul, or, hasn't stained any blue dresses."

The only Republican who even tempts me is Guiliani. I might vote for him if the Democrats run Gavin Newsom or something.

Tracy said...

It would be a draw with a demand for a rematch. Bill's antics in the ring will disqualify Hillary though give her a more celebrated status. Jesse Jackson and his rainbow coalition will go on a hunger strike until the rematch is agreed to.

Even though Obama is articulate you won't find him mixing with this sort because he is more articulate and mainstream than the other articulate and mainstream folks...and cleaner than they are clean.

I however don't think McKinney is clean however...just gotta hunch.

Gino said...

robert the grump:
i just posted on a Billary ticket saying some of what you just said.

maybe, you might agree.