Wednesday, January 03, 2007

How I rang in the new year

I didn't go out on New Year's this year. Personally I don't really enjoy parties that much so if I say no enough times eventually people quit inviting me. In addition to that I've dealt with the deaths of three people in the last three years as a result of drugs and/or alcohol and a motor vehicle. Staying home was just fine with me.

Instead I watched the Da Vinci code. I popped it in around 9:30 and tried to stay with it. I won't review the movie but instead just make a few observations:

1. The movie needed no big names in it. Tom Hanks was wasted in this 'treasure hunt' style of movie. All he did was figure out some clue and move on to the next clue. Basically it was like watching Blues Clues without the cute blue dog. Serious actors need not apply.

2. The movie was too long. Damn, maybe about two hours too long. It ended around 12:30am and I was not lost on the irony that I started the movie in 2006 and finished watching it in 2007. It felt like an entire year had past.

I got out some Sparkling Cider but didn't open it...pretty much just forgot about it. I'm not posting any resolutions this year. I've done well on mine from previous years but I've yet to come up with what they are...or at least I'm not willing to admit them.

Anyway, let's rip it up in 2007 and I promise to get to blogging your faces off this year. Whatever that means.


robert the grump said...

I just read the book. The book, as opposed to the movie, is non-stop action.

It takes a hell of a writer to make an action-packed story whose main characters are a professor who lectures about ancient symbols and a police cryptographer. But the author pulls it off.

I hate to sound like a Luddite, but if you want enlightenment, read a book. If you want to see stuff get blowed up, see a movie.

Tracy said...

I can tell you I wouldn't even read my own book if they made a movie out of it.

Esther said...

Happy New Year!

I rang in the New Year by watching "Elf" and "A Christmas Story." Watching Christmas movies on New Year's Eve is strangely fun.