Friday, January 05, 2007

There's hope with the new Congress

I was just reading on the newswire that there is finally good news for women. Now that there is a multimillionaire woman as Speaker of the House of Representatives women all over the country are taking a bit step forward. I congratulated my boss (who is a member of the persecuted women class) on the amazing step forward she and her persecuted sisterhood have made.

Anyway, Speaker Pelosi promised bipartisanship and cooperation so I can only hope that she's lying. With all due respect Madam Speaker I'd like less bipartisanship and cooperation with how you all intend to spend the money you take by force from my paycheck. I'd appreciate some bitter partisanship and perhaps some good old fashioned gridlock. That's really all I ask from you because I know that as a millionaire woman you understand what I really want from my government. You alone understand the constitution and complicated things like the minimum wage while all I know how to do is look to you for help because I'm unable to function intelligently in a free society without your direction.

I have hope for this Congress still. Bring on the gridlock.


robert the grump said...

Looks like somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I haven't seen such bitterness since Kevin Federline was served with divorce papers.

Give Pelosi a chance. She hasn't raised a single tax yet, nor has she started a war that your infant son will have to serve in someday.

And she IS lying about the bi-partisanship, thankfully. She will ram a whole bunch of legislation down the throats of the Republicans. I predict that the Republicans will scream bloody hell because she said she wouldn't do the same thing they've been doing to Democrats for six years.

Tracy said...

I am giving her a chance and I do know she's lying. I know she's lying because I saw her lips move. The only thing I want is for her to ram things through and create bitterness throughout the whole system that keeps new legislation from moving through.

I don't think that is too much to ask.

Esther said...

Hear! Hear! Or is it Here! Here! I'm not sure. I never could remember which spelling to use with that or even exactly what it means.

Hmm, it's past my bedtime . . .

Gino said...

what is too much to ask is for the GOP to act like an opposition party and gum up the works.

instead, with the urging of their president, and the media, they'll do the bipartisan thing that never ends up being anything conservative, or limited.

Anonymous said...

You're just a sore losing Bush supporter that is still angry that the GOP got there asses handed to them in November. Get used to it!

Tracy said...


I hope you come back to read a response because I would like to know a few things:

1. What is a Bush supporter in your mind? I don't personally consider myself a Bush supporter based upon a few key factors that I'll list below:
A. I have never voted for him.
B. I would never vote for him.
C. I've encouraged others not to vote for him
D. I can't think of any policy of his I agree with.

I'm curious why you think I'm a Bush supporter. Seriously.

Esther said...

Anon doesn't trifle over the details, Tracy. ;oP

Anonymous said...

If you don't support Bush then why are you saying so many awful things accusing Democrats when they hadn't even been in power a week yet? They will restore honor to the government that Bush and his GOP cronies turned into a zoo.

Why don't you answer me this? Why do you bash the Democrats so much if you're not just a Bush supporter acting like he's not because everyone knows how unpopular he is

Tracy said...

You're right Anon. I am a secret Bush supporter and finally a reader had caught me and called me onto the carpet.

In fact I'm not just a Bush supporter but I was recently elected King of the Republicans. (This office was recently held by Dick Cheney) As King of the Republicans I sit on the honorary Richard Nixon throne and make up whacky policies to be enforced on Americans and especially evil Democrats.

I'm able to trace your IP address and will turn it over to the NSA (who we control) so that you will be put on the no-fly list.

Curious still Anon. Is it possible for me to bash Democrats without being a Republican. Is it possible that I can be neither?

Anonymous said...

You think your pretty funny I bet.

Sorry to correct you but NASA doesn't control the no fly list and you spelled it wrong but your joke isn't funny anyway.

You don't have to be either but as I've said several times in my political science class I'm taking at my community college that if you don't vote then you don't have a right to complain. All you do is complain and bash those who are elected but you won't bother to vote for them.

robert the grump said...


Tracy is the rarest of political animals; a Libertarian. You know, those guys who think that taxation is unconstitutional, but they still bitch about the potholes in the road and the lousy school system.

He hates Democrats and Republicans almost equally, though with Bush in power, he leans a little more left than usual.

While he often has grand mal seizures just thinking about Nancy Pelosi, he can also orate for hours on the many issues of Dubya.

I will correct you one point: Tracy DOES vote. He just votes for Libertarians who have no shot. If he were in the Actor's Guild, he'd probably vote for Ben Affleck as best actor.

Anonymous said...

My Professor says (and I agree) that libertarians are really just republicans under a different name. The same way some liberals call themselves progressive instead. I've never read a single word that bashed Bush so I think it is true that he is a bush supporter. I've never seen a libertarian on a ballot.

You still didn't answer my question about bashing the democrats so much when they've only been in power less than a week!!

Tracy said...


I thought about your posts and couldn't decide how to answer. I could answer in a way that would attempt to persuade you. (the high road) Or I could respond in a way that would simply entertain myself and those who regularly read the blog. I'll attempt to do both.

My criticism of Nancy Pelosi was hyperbole really because it is true that she hasn't done anything that I like or dislike. So you're right that factually I have nothing of substance to complain about since they haven't done anything. Consider this paragraph the high road. Be prepared to flinch on the next paragraph.

But my post was about her view of the role of government not her actions or planned actions. In fact I was hoping she was lying and that whatever her plans are would fail through bitter partisanship and both Republicans and Democrats would get nothing they wanted so in turn the government would not continue to grow.

But for your information, you really need to ask your community college for a refund for whatever substitutes as an education there because your professor is full of shit. A libertarian believes in personal ownership and limited government. I would not deny the rights of gun and land owners anymore than I would someone who wants to smoke a joint in their house on the weekend or two people of any kind to enter into a civil union. Does that make me a Republican? Aside from Ron Paul and perhaps William F. Buckley Jr. you wouldn't find that many in the GOP who would agree with that statement.

I have voted for Republicans before and some I don't even have regrets about. I've not voted for any Democrats in my state because primarily they are socialists. I would've voted for Paul Tsongas however in '92...(ask your professor who he is...he'll probably tell you he was really a republican)

So since you've spent your whole time trying to label me, tell us all if you're a democrat or a republican or worse...a Green. Please?

Anonymous said...

I'm an independent but I voted for Democratic candidates this last time. I usually vote Democratic.

I told my professor that you said she was full of shit on libertarians and she said that was a typical republican response. I'm beginning to think she is full of it.

Tracy said...

So you're an independent who votes for democrats and gets enraged when someone badmouths democrats.

That sounds as independent as someone sitting at the 50 yard line at Lambeau field wearing a hat that looks like it's a wedge of cheese.

Good luck with your college courses Anon and thanks for the lively discussion on this post.