Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Laughing in an embarassing way

I was sharing a story last week with someone during a meeting and I said something that made them spit their drink out while laughing. I'm not sure this had ever happened before in my adult life. What I said wasn't even that funny.

Here is an excerpt from the conversation:

Me: So my back was killing me...very stiff...and when I wrecked on the snowmobile it felt better instantly.

Person: So the snowmobile accident straightened your back?

Me: Yeah, apparently. Weird huh?

Person: Did you hear it crack or anything?

Me: No, I couldn't hear over my screaming.


Yeah, I didn't think it was funny either.


Esther said...

It's funny. I'd probably only snort my drink out my nose if I was already slap happy though.

PlatinumGirl said...

No, that's funny -- if I was feeling punchy, I could see spitting my drink out (or nearly doing that, since I can generally control that urge).