Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Real tree, real picture

So here is what it looked like:

Working train around the tree and everything!!! WOO HOO!

Also, notice to the left there is a neat little picture book of the story of Christmas and milk and cookies for Santa...does that kick ass or what?

Too bad only my mom showed up for Christmas and the rest of my family didn't. Such is life with my family...not having them for Christmas still beat the explosive diarrhea I had at Thanksgiving.

Thanks to everyone who gave advice on what to do for my first Christmas Tree in 11 years.


PlatinumGirl said...

Well, isn't that a cheerful pic? I'll just skip right over that "explosive" reference . . .

Esther said...

That's a very nice tree.

When I was a kid my parents always found real trees that leaned and had to be tied to the curtain rods or they would fall over. Then there were the ones that had ornament malfunctions. Every three hours we would have to pick up all the ornaments and redecorate the tree. I guess it helps when you don't wait until the last minute and then buy a cheap tree that some loser is trying ot get rid of.