Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Real State of the Union

If you catch the president making the State of the Union speech tonight, try listening to it through the filter of some realities that probably won't be mentioned...not even by the useless Democrat response. I'm a libertarian...I don't carry water for either party. This is how I see the state of our union.

The baby boomers are a disproportionately large demographic in this country that are demanding an unprecedented level of benefits (read: entitlements) from the United States Government. Without intervention we will go broke meeting their alleged needs.

Acting as the world's policemen we must maintain a military force designed for National Offense instead of National Defense. This is not only expensive but requires our country to have standing Armies in dozens of nations around the world.

We continue to mount debt because we spend more than we take in through tarriffs, excise taxes, and the income tax. We print money to buy bonds to offset our debt and rely on the voluntary devaluation of currency from our great friends China to sustain our more and more worthless US Dollar.

We worry about Roe v. Wade, which would hardly impact the laws that most states have on the books if it were overturned, while Social Security continues to be a broken, pay-as-you-go system designed for the year 1929 and not 2006.

Most citizens are concerned with illegal immigration though we refuse to create and maintain a provision for large amount of workers from other countries (trying not to say Mexico) to make a living here. The same agency tasked with deporting immigrants is also tasked with giving them proper documentation. Is it any wonder they don't bother to be documented?

We continue to trade with too few nations. As once said, "If good and services do not cross borders, eventually armies will." Trade is an ignored key to peace.

Lastly, with all of our problems...we're still better than Canada.

May God continue to bless the United States of America.


Esther said...

I'm really beginning to wonder if I am a libertarian.

Yay for being better than Canada!cr

Tracy said...

An excellent book you may wish to read is What is means to be a libertarian by Charles Murray. It describes general thought on being a libertarian from a "Lower Case L" perspective.

There are many libertarians in both the Republican and Democrat parties...and ofcourse there is the National LP (www.lp.org)which has its share of nutjobs like any party.

Robert the Grump said...

The country is circling the drain and you're selling memberships to a political party that's even more powerless than the Democrats.

If the Seahawks lose to Pittsburgh on Sunday then there will really be no hope for America.

PlatinumGirl said...

This is an interesting post, considering the mini-rant I just posted. I still think the problem is how the money the government takes in is spent, as opposed to how much it takes in. How many elected officials are buying homes, boats, antiques, box seats at games and big parties for their teenage kids on our dime right now? I'm so sick of it!

Tracy said...

What they spend money on is a huge factor as well, though a different debate. It's hard to get government to properly prioritize their spending until...you take their funding away. As a libertarian I prioritize it based upon the constitution and the real role of a government in a free society...but I'd settle for less.

Anonymous said...

"The best National Defense is a good National Offense"
- M. Kilpack

PlatinumGirl said...

Taking their funding away seems even more impossible than getting them to control spending!

It's maddening.