Monday, January 30, 2006

Hamas will eventually lighten up

All I've read in the news lately is about how the middle-east and the Palestine area is in a state of panic over the Hamas party victory in the recent Palestinian parliamentary elections.

Now that they're in power their focus will eventually have to turn from 'Death to Israel' to 'Let's try to keep the lights on and have the garbage trucks rolling.' Right now Hamas is saying all sorts of goofy things like wanting their militants to be used in the military and demanding that Israel change their flag. They are new at this and are feeling out their power structure. Eventually they'll be discussing things like campaigning to keep power, foreign diplomacy, etc...and their role will be that of a meddling government before long.

I'm not saying that they'll eventually be friends with Israel, but the nature of political power will eventually get the best of them and they'll seek to preserve their power instead of wage war with their neighbor.

Who knows, maybe they'll get an NHL Hockey franchise...they can be the Palestine Pythons or something.


Tim said...

Not to mention they'll be forced to schmooze for money from the US and Europe as they have no real economy of their own.

Esther said...

That's a good point that I had not considered.

Robert the Grump said...

Palestine already gets money from the USA, or rather, Fatah did. We can't give Hamas money because they are on the list of terror organizations.

Therefore, Hamas gets jack until they renounce terror and disarm.

Which is what the European Union just called on them to do.

But before you get all excited, Hamas has already said they will continue to call for the destruction of Israel and they still refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist. That's a really poor start to a peaceful solution, for those of you who aren't politically aware.

And Israel, in turn, refuses to recognize the new government, or to deal with it.

So those of you who thought that a two thousand year old problem was going to suddenly disappear because a militant terror organization that practically invented the suicide bombing has come to power, are probably going to be disappointed.

The best chance they had for peace was when Bill Clinton negociated the road map, and that's dead now.

They had one more chance when Arafat died and Sharon unilaterlly abandoned the Gaza Strip. That chance died with Sharon's stroke.

Personally, I believe the situation in the Middle East will be rectified when one side or the other is destroyed in a nuclear fire. Got Nukes?