Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Exit Strategies

A friend of mine is in the U.S. Army. He's glad to be in the Army and I suspect he may retire while still in the Army years from now.

The last five years have been very telling in regard to where he has been stationed. While Democrats and a few Republicans are clammering for an exit strategy, it seems that these strategies are more rare than you might think. Once you enter a country and fight a war, you're very likely to stay there awhile. Look at where my buddy has been stationed over the last five years.

South Korea - No exit strategy since the cease fire agreement in 1953.

Germany - No exit strategy since the Allied powers defeated Hitler's Germany in 1945.

Iraq - Look above. I think we'll see servicemen spending a tour in Iraq for decades to come.

I think those wanting an early exit strategy from Iraq are just trying to make political hay. If you really want to create an impact and bring our military home, you'd start by reducing troop numbers from our older wars.


sevenpointman said...

Your comments clarify the need for a comprehensive exit strategy for iraq.

To see one go to the blog:sevenpointman

Tracy said...

Anyone can come up with a plan. Here's my two point plan:

1. Everyone get on a bus and go home.

2. Send a Christmas card afterwards withdraw is complete.

My point is that exit strategies are about political will, not logistics. You presented a plan...big me someone, anyone who has the political will to enact it.