Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Supreme Court Nominees in the New Age

George W. Bush has been an awful president. I believe that to be a true statement. I have been hopeful when it has come to the subject of his supreme court nominees though. Most liberals think that all Republicans think about is abortion when it comes to the Supreme Court, but to think that is a fundamental misunderstanding of who Republicans are. I know this because my father and mother were both staunch Goldwater Republicans.

When Bush says that he will nominate a "constructionist" that means something. Seattle-area-liberals simply think it's code for "pro-life" but again, I could write volumes on the ignorance of West Coast liberals. I'm not saying that George W. Bush knows what it means, but it DOES mean something.

Being hopeful for a supreme court nominee these days is like being hopeful for a newborn baby. You hope for what they might be, but you have nothing to go on. You just hang on and endure the ride and hope that eventually everything turns out okay.

Bush has ushered in the age of the 21st Century "New Born Justice." Their history doesn't exist and no one knows who they are. We have no idea what their beliefs are when it comes to private property, abortion, medical marijuana, or anything.

The Senators who are tasked with the responsibility of confirming the qualifications of the nominee do not even expect to have answers to any of their questions. They just nibble here and there looking for a hot spot that may sway public opinion enough to justify some disqualification.

How does our president go about choosing a "stealth" nominee?

Here's my theory:

[Somewhere in a hallway in the White House]

President: Good morning, how are you?

Potential Nominee: Good morning Mr. President, I'm fine.

Pres: Great, great. Did you have a good weekend?

PM: Yes, it was alright.

Pres: Good, good...say listen...do you have any thoughts on state rights?

PM: I'm sorry?

Pres: Oh nevermind, did you catch the Redskins game?

PM: Um, no...I'm not a football fan really.

Pres: Are you a fan of the 2nd amendment?

PM: Excuse me sir?

Pres: Nevermind...look it was great talking to you.


Esther said...

Yeah, something like that.

PlatinumGirl said...

It still frightens me that that guy is in charge of anything.

Robert the Grump said...

My brother voted for Dubya. I interrogated him at length and he couldn't give me a good reason. He just didn't feel like Kerry was the right guy, you shouldn't change presidents in the middle of a war, Edwards has fake-looking hair, blah, blah, blah.

I almost flew down to Arizona to kick his ass, but he's blood so I let it slide.

So he calls the other day, and now he hates Bush with a passion. He sees no end in sight in Iraq, and no benefits from having invaded. He thinks the Republican Party is completely corrupt. Between Frist, DeLay, Bennett, Michael Brown, Bush's Supreme Court nominees, and Karl Rove and Scooter Libby about to go down over Plamegate, go figure.

The best part is that my brother is fairly rich and benefits greatly from Bush's tax cuts. Yet he still hates him.

When people like my bro have turned on him, the end is near.

Joanna said...

I find it slightly over-optimistic to believe that the president has any idea about state rights or the 2nd amendment. Great post!