Thursday, October 06, 2005

I work in a serious place.

This post is back by popular demand as some had difficulty finding it on my other site. Enjoy!

I work in an office that is very professional. While people joke and are good natured, they are rarely off-color and don't come anywhere near stepping over boundaries. Most people I work with are adults and primarily middle-aged. At the age of 36, I'm one of the younger people who work here.

I just came out of the commercial software industry. Worse than that I came out of the gaming software industry. Everyday professional relationships resembled those I had with classmates in the eighth grade. Basically eight hours of fart jokes and calling each other names.

One day at my serious job, we were in a meeting. One of my colleagues got out of his chair to stand up to begin giving a presentation. Another of my colleagues immediately filled the chair he vacated. Noting that the chair was warm, the man now sitting said, "That man has a hot butt." He meant nothing funny by what he said.

I held my breath. I held it until I could hear my heart pound inside my head. This was so I wouldn't blurt out with laughter during this serious meeting.

Telling this to a friend of mine he suggested I should've said, "You should see him in a thong."


J. said...

And the guy never cracked (huh huh) a smile, did he.

Esther said...

When I'm trying not to laugh at something I do long division in my head. Holding my breath usually causes me to snort really loud and that's just embarrassing.

Very funny story.