Friday, July 29, 2011

My Mom - Peace at last.

My mom died last night about 9:45pm. She left this world peacefully and comfortably surrounded by family and the wonderful staff at Evergreen Hospital that cared for her over the last month or so. I was grateful to share time together with a close friend, my sister and my niece.

I would like to acknowledge a few people for their instrumental help over the last month or so:

Amy Edge-Salois - As a nurse and friend Amy helped me wade through the piles medical jargon and helped me ask the right questions of doctors, specialists and other nurses. This improved my mom's care directly and helped me get good information to my family members who are scattered throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Robert and Debra Scharer - I'm grateful to you both for getting information to the hundreds in the Lower Snoqualmie Valley that were asking about my mom's health. Your efforts helped free me to focus on organizing my mom's care without the burden of retelling day-to-day updates. You both meant a great deal to my mom, she told me so.

Many of you have helped me personally by providing quick diversions, notes and cards and well wishes. I plan to thank you all personally and privately in the coming weeks and months.

I was surprised by the hundreds of emails, texts, and comments I received thanking me for sharing this piece of my life as they quietly followed the details. I never dreamed that sharing this experience would have impacted so many personally.

More information will follow as I know many questions now are begging to be asked. I will answer them, that I do promise. Please allow me today to just catch my breath. I will not be taking phone calls today unless they are from my brother and sister.

I have some very interesting posts planned soon that will contain information about upcoming arrangements and some incredible stories about my mom.

Thank you once again and much love to all of you,



philnjill said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Tracy.

lynda said...

{{BIG HUG}}, tracy. will give you a proper one next time i see you, hopefully not too long from now. let's get a beer when you feel like it.

lasr100 said...

((hugs)) Our condolences
Jim and Linda Ritscher

Gino said...

my prayers and well wishes for you, your family, and your mom.

Peace be with you, Tracy.

stacy said...

So sorry Tracy. I shared the updates with my Mom these past few weeks. She wanted me to send her condolences to you and your family. She also said what a very nice and caring person your mom was and how she always enjoyed her company. Take care.

-- Stacy McManus