Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Openly Carrying in the Live Free or Die State

I love how these New York big city reporters being so shocked that a citizen is openly carrying a gun in New Hampshire.  They go on to say that lawyers somewhere should file an emergency injunction.

What idiots. The man is a peaceful man (who is also a libertarian) and does not believe in the initiation of force against others. Whether these TV talking heads like it or not the citizens of New Hampshire allow for open carry and many citizens do carry side arms out in the open. It is not a shock to citizens of New Hampshire to see someone carrying a side arm in public. I'm sure to all of the people who were brought in from Boston to cheer on Obamacare...they tinkled in their undies a bit.

I’d also like to add that the man was NEVER swept from the area and at no time was President Obama ever in danger from anyone openly carrying a firearm.

Wow, the shock and dismay.  If only we could live in a country where people did exactly what they were told from idiot news readers.

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