Monday, August 17, 2009

Freepers, deathers, birthers, thinkers...which are you?

The party of Hope and Change has now decided that instead of using the Bush administrations ploy of calling all dissenters unAmerican, they'll just now dismiss you as crazy and then maybe wink and imply you're dangerous.

Thinker: But wait, certainly we can have an honest discussion with the Obama administration that perhaps the role of a good federal government is not to intervene in vast like healthcare problem because of well...affordability?

Hey wait a minute buddy. Do you deny the fact that our president was born in Hawaii? Do you deny that he's an American citizen?
Thinker: I just think that Keynsian economics doesn't work and there is no way to pay for a system like this with our current monetary system.

JUST WHAT I THOUGHT! We got a birther here. Go put on your tinfoil hat nutbag. We know your kind. You just don't like having a black president. We're keeping our eye on you.
Thinker: The president has said that the only reason medicare is going broke as a healthcare system is because it takes care of only old and sick people without being balanced out by healthy people paying in. Doesn't this indicate that they'd need an end to private insurance eventually? After all isn't the only problem with any failing government program is that it is underfunded?

Look Freeper, go back to your tea party and say no to everything while us grownups try to have an adult conversation. If you can't bring something to the table and solve this crisis our country faces then get out of the way.
Thinker: Like private insurance companies, decisions are made about what expensive procedure is actually covered or not. But at least in many cases families have the ability to raise money seperately and pay a doctor on their own for services. How could a community step up and make sure a sick person got the medicine they needed if they were on the public option?

We got a Deather here. Yeah, we're just lining up death panels trying to kill grandma you weirdo. Is this all you have? Can't we just have an intellectual debate here?
Thinker: President Obama himself said that Fedex and UPS were doing fine and it was the post office that was always in trouble. (it's also illegal to charge less than the post office) There is at least a provision in the constitution for delivering the mail, what constitutional authority does the federal government have to force states to pay into a federal public option that allegedly is not designed to cover everyone?

Look, unless you want to solve this problem then I'm afraid I can't even talk to you. It's overdue that this country has the real reform that the American people deserve. It's just too bad we can't have a serious debate about it and come together as a country.

Disclaimer: Republicans are idiots too. As usual I believe there is no political solution to this problem and the only thing universal about what will come out of it will cost too much and under deliver.

It's a false choice really. I refuse to take sides choosing between a centrally managed and regulated industry that doesn't allow me to pay my doctor directly and a centrally managed and regulated public program that doesn't allow me to pay my doctor directly. I don't want either system.

Maybe Mr. Hope and Change can begin dreaming of paying for this scheme if he wasn't already in the middle of domestic bailouts in addition to expanding wars overseas (oh yeah...remember the wars?...that big deal you pretended to care about when you elected him?), keeping U.S. troops based in hundreds of countries. One trillion dollars last year alone maintaining an empire overseas. But what do I know? I'm just a thinker.

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Esther said...

The post office totally sucks. Of course it's doing worse than FedEx and UPS. Every time I go in there I have to wait half an hour for the stupid teller to tell me that they're offline right now and can't accept debit cards which is what I usually have for payment.

Yes, this is a rant. Great post, very funny and very true.