Thursday, August 20, 2009

Garage Sales - the last remaining free market?

There was a garage sale at my house last weekend. I can't stand them honestly but I did make some observations about how they might be the last truly free market in this country.

One thing that I noticed was that a good percentage of the people who came to my garage sale were immigrants. I have no doubts that many of them were not citizens and I couldn't care less. Even with the language barrier and my absolutely horrible Spanish we managed to complete transactions using my laptop and a language translator...which was probably worse than my own Spanish.

Immigrants are able to look for things at very low cost, pay in cash and avoid taxes. They accomplish this while living in their completely undocumented world.

While those who care about "illegal" immigration usually want to just "send them back" I would suggest that we all take a look at how they're able to live here in such a beautifully unsanctioned way.

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