Friday, August 07, 2009


Okay, let's do it. You all want me to since I've had about seven email in the last two weeks asking me why I haven't talked about it.

It's about time really. I know there are people who read/participate on this blog who have paid for several thousand dollars in medical bills this last year. (including myself)

I'll start off since it's my nyah nyah.

I have the same level of enthusiasm for using public healthcare than I do using a public bathroom. I'm against any public management of health insurance. Period.

Your turn. Go.


Anonymous said...

Your wrong. The freemarket has proven it cannot deliver health insurance affordably.

Tracy said...

Exactly what country is it that delivers healtchare via freemarket? Just curious. It isn't this one.

tacklindummy said...

I paid a few thousand dollars this year for my wife to have plastic surgery. A breast augmentation of all things. The surgeon told us that the price of these surgeries has never been cheaper and that is pretty much why we decided to consider it.

It would seem to me that when patients are able to pay for the services they receive then the price drops to meet the demand. If a third party is responsible for all the payments then the doctor will charge the most that they can get without regard to the patient.

I'm not saying the plastic surgery model is the perfect solution but I am saying that any plan whether its private insurance or universally managed government healthcare will not reduce costs at all.

Dave Johnson said...

Were you drunk when you wrote this, Tracy?