Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wow, our next president will suck too.

Hillary's experience is vast...though it appears that most of it only exists in her head.  This is a person who has wanted to be president for a long time and got a taste of it from the all important position of first-lady.  I'm not afraid of Hillary like some of you weirdos that email me but I will say this:  Yawn.

Barack Obama has been a member of a church that practices something called Black Liberation Theology.  It's a social justice church that emphasizes the gospel through social justice.  There are many churches like it though this one is not in the National/American Baptist Model where the civil rights movement is rooted.  I still don't believe Barack Obama is a racist...and so what if he is?  Will the republic be a little less off if the country's prison population began to more closely match our nation's population?  But seriously I would be in definite error if I didn't at least say this about Barack Obama:  Yawn.

John McCain...whatever.  Goes to Iraq while the other two are fighting and then the sheeple polls are reflecting that he seems more presidential.  Let me give you all some advice.  Go get some Myspace pages and begin chatting to each other and leave the grown-ups to handle the republic...okay?

Voting for any of these three will only encourage them.


robert the grump said...

You sound bored by the entire process. Too bad. You're missing the most entertaining presidential race in memory.

McCain came this close to quitting his Party and running as John Kerry's VP - and now he's the great white hope of the Republican Party. Obama has done the impossible. He's made it likely that our next president is an ethnic minority. Hillary has done what we knew she'd do. She feels entitled to the nomination and when she fell behind she started fighting dirty. You can't write this stuff.

Why watch Soap Operas when you can follow politics? Who needs to read a tabloid, when you have Obama explaining away his crazy Reverend, Hillary making up stories about dodging sniper bullets in Bosnia and McCain forcing his own Party to eat crow after they swift-boated him the last time he ran.

We are priveleged to live in such a time. I thought the Brits had it good when a fist fight broke out in Parliament, but they could learn from us.

Don't get all George Sanders on us, Tracy. For those of you too young to remember, George Sanders was an actor who committed suicide in 1972. He left a note that said, "Dear World, I am leaving because I am bored." I guess Sanders couldn't handle Nixon, but he wouldn't be bored now.

Tracy said...

As for substance these three are boring as can be. Their drama though is unmatched maybe since 1972 and I will be covering that with enthusiasm...just not today.

Have you ever seen so much hoopla about three candidates that agree with each other on so many issues?