Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Are you ready? Many of you have heard my voice in person whether it was across a table with a sandwich in my mouth or in a public speaking event where I've droned on about things like Financial Management Software, Libertarian politics, and on occasion Theology. I plan to do a podcast as time allows and when certain current events just demand an audio approach. Have fun and would appreciate feedback as well.

Click here and enjoy the best 15 minutes you'll ever get from me.


berburbaby said...

I think these kind of vocal ramblings can be kinda fun...get a glimpse of how your thought process works. Looking forward to hearing more...Anything is better than listening to my cubical neighbor's crappy music from his crappy speakers, even if only for 15 minutes or so.

ronald said...

Excellent podcast for the first edition. Pretty polished compared to many others out there.

Mr. Evil said...

Man, it is bad enough I have to listen to you in real life. Now I have to hear you on the internet as well. This is the best reason yet for censoring the internet.

Anonymous said...

This was pretty good and you should put it in iTunes too. Sorry, I have an iPod.

robert the grump said...

Tracy, since you talked about it in the Podcast, you should link to the youtube video of "I Love You," by People!

Everyone who lived through the 60s or just wonders what it was like should watch this video.

Be warned. The music is great and the video is beyond awful, as Tracy apologetically informed me when he first sent me the link.

I'm not certain what the director was on when he shot this video, but the initials are LSD.

It features five really ugly musicians who fit the stereotypes of the times. There is the bored guy, too cool to be in the video. He sneers at the camera and when it's his turn to lip synch, he barely moves his lips. Or lip. It's really just a tremble of the upper lip. You just know he quit the band two days later because the rest of them were sell outs.

Then there's the guy who can't take it seriously. As they pan from mug to mug, the camera lands on him and he makes a ridiculous face. Repeat each time he's on camera. You can see him laugh when it's his turn to lip synch.

Of course, there is the angry albino guy. I think it might be Larry Norman himself. He punctuates his screaming by slamming a car door as hard as he can. Except it's an old, wrecked truck on blocks in the middle of nowhere. If you slam a car door in the desert and nobodys hears it, are you still angry?

Of course, there is the object of sexual tension in this five on one love fest, a hippie chick who prances around like she just swallowed a lot of peyote.

This stuff is historic, really. I believe it predates the Monkees, who sort of invented the MTV style video. Go watch it, and you'll have a drug-free flashback.

little-cicero said...

This sort of forum would be ideal for ranting. Get mad!

Tracy said...

Yeah, I'm not really much an angry person...if I waited until I was angry you'd see far fewer posts but I'll do one "angry man" post for you...sometime this year...I promise.

Mr. Evil said...

Talk about Husky Football. I bet you will get angry then.

Esther said...

I enjoyed the podcast. It was well done with a good choice of music. You have a good voice for it too as I've probably said before. I never drifted off or zoned out like I do with some people's voices.

Aww, I feel special. You mentioned me.