Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Supreme Court legalizes freedom

Well how about that?

According to the Supreme Court decision on the 2nd Amendment it appears that the court has upheld the opinion that the right to keep and bear arms is the right of an individual and not a collective right.

I won't go into a discussion about my opinion on this as I've written several posts in the past on this very discussion.  I can sum up my reaction to this decision with one word, "Duh."

I have two very polite collectivists that email me regularly from a country known to many of us as Canada.  I posted a discussion about gun rights that they discovered and neither have left it alone since...and coincidently neither has offered an opinion worthy of mounting a defense.  Like playing basketball with a toddler...you can swat the ball away all day but to what end?

To celebrate this decision I'm going to go clean the weapons I have in my home and ponder in my heart how much discomfort that brings to some of you weirdos.



robert the grump said...

I am a Democrat and a social liberal. That's why my primary handgun is a Taurus .45 auto, double-action with a 10 round magazine. It's a one-shot kill, thus, humane. Plus, it's made in Brazil and keeps at least a few of them from cutting down the Amazon by employing them more gainfully.

We Dems have no choice but to protect our homes from the whack job Republicans, running around out there armed with cheap Saturday Night specials. Come get some, Chuck Heston.

Gino said...

what supreme court decision?
all they had was oral arguments.

come on tracy!
you know so much better than this.

((and the reports covering the oral arguments have me doing the happy dance))

Tracy said...


True enough though the nuance between oral arguments and a decision is tough to blog in terms of its impact on precedent.

Oral arguments buy about 20 years of precedent...and full blown decisions buy about 30.