Thursday, November 29, 2007

John McCain - Stick a fork in him

Last night's GOP debate was pretty funny. Most telling was John McCain's attack of Ron Paul and actually seeing Ron Paul fight back. McCain was surely trying to attack Paul in an effort to win back "most-favored-maverick" status among those in New Hampshire but while Paul fought back against McCain, the good doctor launched a few attacks of his own at the man also known as "Senator Whats-up-with-your-face?"

McCain stated in the debate that they had all "...gone to Washington to change Washington but Washington changed us." Ron Paul quoted McCain and said, "That statement does not apply to me." Zing! McCain is done. In one statement those in New Hampshire saw McCain as the establishment insider that he is against Ron Paul who has been unswayed by the DC politics as usual. McCain has already been dipping in New Hampshire as Ron Paul's traditional polling numbers have climbed.

Hopefully this is the beginnings to an end of the miserable political legacy of John McCain. For Arizona the man who replaced Barry Goldwater in the Senate has been a downgrade for sure.

Best line from the debate was from Huckabee about capital punishment and "What would Jesus do?" Huck's answer: “Jesus was too smart to ever run for public office,’’ Huckabee said. “That's what Jesus would do.’’

Based on last night's debate a Rudy/Huckabee ticket seems likely in my view.


robert the grump said...

I enjoyed watching the sparring match between Giuliani and Romney. I thought Rudy was going to leap over his podium and attack the man. If Rudy had messed up Romney's $600 haircut, I think Romney would have kicked his butt.

I'm not sold on the Youtube format. Too many stupid questions, like, "what would Jesus do?" and too many softballs, like the idiot who asked Giuliani why he rooted for the Red Sox after the Yanks were eliminated.

That's what I look for in a President...loyalty to the Yankees. Give me a break. If you question Rudy's loyalty, just check out the way he's stood by his buddy, convicted felon Bernard Kerik.

I approve of Huckabee as Rudy's running mate. It will help cement their position as losers. When the uneducated public gets a whiff of the Wayne Dumond scandal, they'll turn on Huck like they turned on Dukakis for Willie Horton.

Huck also has a record of raising taxes to pay for entitlement programs. You'd think he was a Democrat, if it wasn't for the whole Creationism/abortion thing.

Gino said...

i vehemently disagree with grump.
rudy would win the smack down with romney easily.

ronald said...

If a full-on smackdown happened during the debate I would probably put money on Duncan for Romney and Rudy...lots of slapping and name calling.

Gino said...

duncan hunter?
i dont know bout that.
i would have bet on mccain and his tough as nails, pow survival skills, but since the viet cong rendered him unable to raise his arms higher than his shoulders i dont think he could hold his own any more.

still: rudy is a bastard, with garlic in his soul. he'll pull a shank if the going gets rough.

robert the grump said...

See, you people are dismissing Romney as a pretty boy. That's what he wants. He'll sneak up on Giuliani and stab him in the back without mussing a single hair.

McCain would obviously kill them all in a fair fight if he wasn't terribly handicapped by his torture injuries and his age.

Huckabee would use the running skills he honed while losing all that weight, and head for the hills.

The one to watch out for is Tancredo. That man is Nutz, with a capital "N". He will wrap his fingers around McCain's throat while screaming, "Go back to Bolivia, John! Or is it Juan?"

Gino said...

i predict ron paul will refuse to intervene in the squabble among his peers.

Tracy said...

Duncan Hunter is the only one up there carrying some heat. He will pop off a few rounds while Dr. Paul takes care of the wounded...I think McCain's campaign has a DNR.