Tuesday, November 06, 2007

9/11 conspiracies and other junk I don't believe

9/11 was an inside job - I distrust government but not because they're trying to hide the truth about major plots. I distrust them because they try to hide things like how much they pay for hammers and what elected officials were doing in Minneapolis airport restrooms. Government is not able to pull off anything properly when it tries. To believe this 9/11 was an inside job I have to believe that the same government that is in charge of Social Security can pull off what happened that day. I don't buy it.

Any non-Warren Commission plot to kill Kennedy - I think Oswald acted alone. End of story.

FDR Invited the attacks by Japan - He may have expected a declaration of war but I do not believe he had prior knowledge of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Why do we take tragedies in this country and blame the people we elect...just to reelected them again?

The Lunar Landing was fake - Just kidding of course it was fake.

Gerald Ford was a space alien - This one I'm completely tired of. It is a well-established fact that Gerald Ford was not and had never been a space alien. He was a robot manufactured in a secret government laboratory.

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