Thursday, February 26, 2009

What I've been up to

I've been a little slow on the blog posts as you've noticed. Here's why.

I got my mom out of the Nursing/Rehab facility on February 13th and went home. She spent two days at home with 24 hour care but really wasn't able to stay home alone safely. So she's living at my house.

We've been working on her getting her to do the very basic aspects of life independently. You know...walking, eating, bathroom, medicine management, etc. I took every day off last week to dedicate fully to getting her to a point where she could be at my house when no one is there.

I've not had any free time to do anything and the stress level (which has now subsided) has been very intense. So to the many of you who asked me to comment on Obama's speech...I will...eventually but honestly I watched the whole thing and just said, "So what."

I have some awesome posts coming up, but haven't put them together yet. Posting will now resume a normal schedule...thanks everyone for understanding.

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