Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

It will be dead soon.  Good riddance.  Terrible newspaper that hasn’t made any money in years.  In this post I told you about a run-in I had with representative from the P-I.  I hope he’s found gainful employment with some place more stable.

As promised, I will buy their last edition on their final day and use it for toilet paper.  Which section should I start with?

You all vote:

  • Local
  • Sports
  • Business
  • Comics
  • US/World


lynda said...

i vote business. since the economy is shit.

Gino said...

i vote sports, since the seahawks were shit,too.

robert the grump said...

First we lose professional basketball, now we're down to one paper. Seattle is quickly declining into a second-rate city, like Portland.

I've read newspapers all over the world, and the PI wasn't a bad paper...unless you're Tracy, who seems to be a magnet for lunatic behavior.

Tracy, you won't be satisfied until civilization falls and you can walk around the fallen skeleton of the Space Needle like a Libertarian Charleton Heston, babbling about them "damn, dirty apes."

You should scuttle back into your bunker for a couple of years, and busy yourself reloading ammo and printing Libertarian manifestos. When you emerge, who knows...we may have declined into Spokane.

Tracy said...

The P-I, over the years, had a whacko editorial board and practiced an unsavory business practice called "shelving" of syndicated columns. They purchased syndication rights to many columnists they disagreed with and then refused to print them. This practice kept the article out of the entire Seattle media market as no other paper could print it without violating the syndication agreement.

This strange idealogical practice doesn't make sense for a paper that hasn't made money since I've been out of high school.

Esther said...

I vote US/World just because.