Thursday, February 19, 2009

The benefits of competition

The greatest generation overcame the Great Depression, defeated Hitler and nuked Japan for all of the freedoms we now enjoy.  They then went ahead and gave birth to the most selfish and spoiled generation of jerks known to man.  These are of course the baby boomers.

I call them jerks because the promises made to their parents through Roosevelt's hankering for massive intervention they claimed for themselves.  If claiming these promises for their own were not bad enough they doubled their portion at the taxpayer's trough. 

They are a large generation and the wealthiest age demographic in the history of the country.  Despite their wealth and bloated population they're not content until the entire country is broke taking care of them.  This said, they are experiencing many benefits of competition in a market.

Recently I visited an assisted living/retirement community.  The building was erected only a year ago and sits just six blocks from my middle-class subdivision.  The place has a resort vibe to it that makes you realize the days of "old folks homes" has long since past.  This place is nicer than my own home.

The large baby boomer population is now approaching retirement age so the business of caring for them has become a growth industry, even in this uncertain economy.  Companies that provide Assisted Living and retirement services must now compete for retirement dollars by providing amenities, comfort, and true community.  Only competition and the promise of a profit would produce this type of product.

We should be thankful that Obama's new Raw Deal doesn't include a provision for a Federal Retirement Housing Authority.  I'm sure if it did it would involve repurposing older Veteran's Hospitals and Asylums for the Criminally twice the cost.

So while the baby boomers are ruining our country, it's good that they provided this one nice little market object lesson for all of us.

Disclaimer:  Please...if you're in the baby boomer generation understand that I'm only joking.  You're not ruining this country any more than say...70's Disco music did.

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