Thursday, November 20, 2008

Don't worry, I'll never let you go.

Having a name commonly used by females has made my life interesting at times. In elementary school new teachers would take roll and after my name say, " she here." I played along and answered "here" in a girl's voice which helped me cope and satisfied my role as class retard. To this day I get mail targeted for women including Victoria's Secret Free Panty giveaway. To this day I've yet to claim the panty to which I'm entitled. (sheesh that sounds bad but strangely true in a lot of ways...anyway)

Perhaps no other development has disturbed me quite as much as The Cuff Links' (Ron Dante's one-man band, see also The Archies) tune invoking my name. The song is troubling enough without adding a horrible late 1960's video to it...which I share with you now.

This video is bad and rivals my all time favorite bad 60's video by People!

Have a good weekend everyone and remember...something I do bounces you off the ceiling.


Dave Johnson said...

Yeah, that's bad. I happen to share the exact name of my father with... uh... my father.

When my wife and I went to buy a house, it showed that I owned 5 cars, 2 pickups, 4 semi trucks, and a struggling cattle farm.

I also once had a nurse say, "You don't look 48." To which I replied, "Yes, and I still have both of my testicles. You have my dad's medical records."

lynda said...

this is AWESOME! i would like this to play as an intro every time i see you. so bring your boombox.

robert the grump said...

I remember you playing that song over and over for your crew at our old place of employment.

They really appreciated that, too. The same way I appreciated watching my 401k shrink by half last week.

I think Dante stole the weird golf card idea from the Banana Splits. If you're under 45, you don't what I'm talking about.

chenchy said...

Not that this matters - but the "I Love You" video was far more horrorific.
Or maybe it was just the weird lady in the tree with the eyelashes.


Esther said...

I was wondering if they had named their golf clubs Tracy or something . . . Maybe I shouldn't ponder this one too much.

The Cat said...

Personally, something you do launches me through the ceiling. Damn you piss me off sometimes.

And by 'piss me off' I mean, uh, piss me off. Why do you think I pee in front of the fridge all the time?