Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Can you believe it? What an historic day!

I had a headache this morning so I decided to stay in bed and go in to work later. After sleeping until about 9am (which I almost never do) I felt pretty hungry. My headache had subsided to some degree but I felt like getting some breakfast would be a good idea.

I went to a Cafe just down the street and ate at the counter. I almost felt like a politician eating at a lunch counter in Iowa pretending to care about farm subsidies. I listened to the people at the counter and people working talk about the election. They all had different ideas about what would happen and some about what they'd like to see happen. It was fascinating.

Breakfast was pretty good too. I had an English Muffin and half of what they called an Irish Scramble. It was just the right size as I like to eat smaller portions these days. Turns out breakfast was just what the doctor ordered as I felt much better and was able to make it into work around 11am.

It was hamburgers for dinner and my two year old son and I watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special that I have on DVD. We had just retired the Great Pumpkin for another year. After that we played guitar for awhile and I put him to bed. It was truly an amazing day.

Oh yeah, some guy won an election too.


lynda said...

< sarcasm >OMG my life has changed so much for the better.< / sarcasm >

is it "an historic" or "a historic"? engrish is my second language.

Tracy said...

Lynda...I have no idea on this one and battled with it before clicking the publish button. I think both are right but "a historic" probably being the more right.

Some English dialects have a silent H as in 'ello love. I think this caused an to be used in many cases where the next word started with H. I'd have to look in my Cambridge Encyclopedia of English to know for sure but to be honest...I'll probably just watch Charlie Brown again instead.