Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Medicated Blog Post #8

Jenna Bush got married.  I know about her dress, the song she and her father danced to and about the band that played at the reception...too bad the news services couldn't get me reliable updates on the earthquake in China.

I blow holes through Kleenex.  Don't like using paper towels.  New solution:  Bath Towel.  Ew.

Bob Barr sort of reminded me of Ed Clark in his speech announcing his candidacy...though Barr is no 'low tax liberal."  I recognize fully that none of you understand that reference.

Prince Caspian comes out this week.  I always liked this particular book in the Narnia series.  These short books were really made for the 1 hour and 40 minute movie.

I found a 24 hour pharmacy where I can get sudafed as it is required to sign for it here...you're never out of sudafed until after 8pm...it's how it works.

People have asked me to blog on Obama's pastor but I have little to say about it really.  Most people I know don't agree with their pastor 100% but still support them.  It's normal.  Obama attends that church for political reasons...the same reason McCain (who is an Episcopalian) attends North Phoenix Baptist Church.  He attends there because it's a big church and he can be seen among many evangelicals to make him look more conservative.  It's politics people...remember that.

None of you bit on me stating that Hillary and Obama will not bring the troops home.  Which is why all those of you who email me encouraging me to vote for Obama should shut up about it.

LP Prediction - Bob Barr, Wayne Allyn Root and Mary Ruwart in three ballots...again many of you don't know what I'm talking about.

I had a dream I was on a boat with a friend.  The boat was rented.  I hate boating.

Ugh.  I'm going to go blow my nose.


Esther said...

Boating? I like canoing. Not so much with the larger boats though, they make me seasick.

I was watching the news this morning and got updates about the earthquake in China every ten minutes.

robert the grump said...

I found a valid point in your overmedicated rambling. The Rev Wright was indeed a political move for Obama. In his first race for state office, Obama got smoked and even lost the African-American vote by a significant number.

Rev Wright gave him credibility with the community and boosted his image with people who had scarcely heard of him. The next time he ran, he won handily.

If he knew that Wright had a major problem with keeping his pie hole shut, I'm sure he'd have rethought his strategy and gone elsewhere.

All politicians play the same games, but I'll guarantee you that Obama is smarter and more likely to accomplish something than 99.99% of them.

Mr. Evil said...
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Mr. Evil said...

Wow, still no one has the balls to comment on Hilary or Obama bringing the troops home. Let me tell you the reason for that. Neither of them will. We did not build 12 state of the art military bases in Iraq just to hand them over to a bunch of camel jockies.

Our leaders want to have a presence in the Middle East and this guarantees we will. I believe whom ever our next completely worthless president is, they will bring home some troops. He or she will bring home just enough to declare we are out of Iraq. Truth be told, we will have a significant military presence in Iraq for the rest of our lives at the very least.

Just look at Europe. 53 years and counting and we still have bases all over Europe from WW II. No real talk of ever letting any of those go.

Tracy said...

The China news starting come out when the wedding was long over.

robert the grump said...

I'll take up Mr Evil's challenge and comment on the odds that the next President will pull troops out of Iraq.

Clinton and Obama have both stated they will pull back in about 18 months, a couple of brigades at a time. Clinton has mentioned leaving a "reaction force," not sure about Obama. These are realistic goals, logistically. The debate will be bigger on the political fallout.

Both might be full of crap, but not because Bush wasted our tax dollars on building military bases.

While we haven't left Germany or Japan, that's a bad comparison. We are NATO members and thus keep bases in Germany and Italy. Nobody is shooting at us there. The German/Italian governments and people largely have no problem with out presence. We have an obligation to protect Japan since we forced them to write a constitution that forbids them from having an adequate defense force of their own.

Meanwhile, we are being shot at in Iraq, we're not welcome, and we don't belong to any alliance that requires our presence. I'm fairly sure we didn't write in any stupid promises into their constitution.

I seriously doubt that either Clinton or Obama will consider Bush's unwise spending on bases an obligation on their part.

Historically, we also built some seriously large bases in Vietnam. Some of the Air Force bases in particular were as vast as anything in Iraq. Today, the biggest US base in Vietnam is probably named Ft. Ho Chi Minh, or something.

You're incorrect about any talk of leaving our overseas bases, btw. We did close a few, and the Germans were against it because it totaled the local economy. We completely pulled out of the Philippines a few years back because they wanted us out. And then there's good old Ron Paul.

I fully expect Obama to pull out of Iraq. I expect Clinton to say whatever we want to hear and then do whatever she wants.

And Tracy, cut back on the cough syrup. That last comment made no sense at all. You need to go cold turkey on the 'Tussin, my friend.

Mr. Evil said...
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Mr. Evil said...

Good to see Obama has one person fooled. First of all incase you did not know, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines are not in Europe. Vietnam is a horrible comparison considering we retreated from the country after losing the war.

The bases that were closed in Germany had more to do with upkeep and expenses. Other bases were upgraded, while some of our most out dated were closed. Most of the troops and equipment that were in Germany were redeployed all through out Europe.

The fact of the matter is it comes down to oil. Our country relies on it to survive. No matter what party you are from, oil owns you. No President will ever take our military out of the region. It will never ever happen.

Enjoy Obama as long as you can. A vote for Obama is a vote for his funeral. He will be lucky to ever see election day if he wins. If by some miracle he makes it that far, he will never see out four years in office.

Tracy said...

I do wonder how much that is true of Obama if he wins.

I'm thankful for one thing...that most of the anger I've heard toward Obama has been because of the perception of him being an elitist rather than his skin color.

This is truly right up with Dr. King's dream...that Obama could be piss people off for the right reasons...maybe we have come along way. I hope so.

ronald said...

that's a good point. maybe being considered an elitist is some sort of new soft bigotry

robert the grump said...

Mr Evil,you discount bases not in Europe, but that's not valid. We have bases everywhere for the same reasons; strategic military coverage. There is no difference between keeping a presence in Germany over Japan. Neither has oil and both are defeated enemies that became client states and then allies. Leaving an expensive foreign base is a big political football regardless of where it is.

You are dead ass wrong about Vietnam as bad comparison. It is a perfect comparison. Vietnam was started on a lie, just like Iraq. It lasted much longer than WWII, just like Iraq. And we lost, just as we have in Iraq. We will leave in just the same way we left Vietnam, spinning it to look like a victory while it's really an admission that we should never have been there and can't afford to stay.

I thought Tracy was cynical, but he's Susie Sunshine compared to you.

Tracy said...

I'll do the Mclaughlin Group role here and just tell everyone what the answer is...especially since I'm feeling better.

No Iraq Pullout.

Jenna will be married 6 years.

Still hate boating.

berburbaby said...

Wrong. 3 years.

Oh, and I think Tracy had his head stuck in the couch or something. I feel like I've been hearing about China's earthquake for a week, but there's a media blackout on the cyclone.

But seriously, good thing China didn't send help to Myanmar, Mr. Evil, then the "liberals" would have definately blamed "George Bush" for setting up both natural disasters and somehow undermining the damns in order to take China out so we can get some of our money and oil back.

Mr. Evil said...

Damn, it would sure be awesome if we could make natural disasters and use them as weapons. Just think of all the worthless places on the globe we could take out and make it look like Mother Nature. Best weapon ever. Hope we have out best scientists working on that.

We had zero decisions to make on our bases in Vietnam. My point on our bases in Iraq and Europe is, our policy dictates we want bases in those regions. We won both those wars and we have made the decision to stay. We have no say in rather we kept our bases in Vietnam. Of course if we had just numked the commie bastards we could have kept our bases and most certainly would have.