Monday, May 19, 2008

Libertarian Party Convention - May 22-26

Do you want to see a real nominating convention?

There are about a dozen (big L) Libertarians that read this blog and this is for them...the rest of you pay close attention.

The LP has a choice this year.  To nominate a Conservative that believes in Federalism (Barr) a media savvy outsider that is really a Reagan Conservative (Root) or an actual libertarian. (Smith, Ruwart, Kubby)

The choice to outsiders always seems obvious.  You pick the guy with the greatest name recognition but as Michael Badnarik proved four years ago, you don't need name recognition to get as many votes as Ralph Nader.  What you need is a fairly organized 50 state party.

I'm fulfilling my ethical obligation to not be involved in the nominating process of the LP because I am a delegate for the GOP.  My involvement as a Republican is simply to promote liberty and the vehicle matters less to me than the principles I care very deeply about.

If I was involved this is how I would break down the field.

Mike Gravel - polite applause and then escort him out of the convention hall.

Bob Barr - To his credit he has worked in the LP for about 3 years and has grown to love liberty.  I like him but his old drug warrior ways make me uneasy.

Wayne Allyn Root - He makes me want to initiate force.  (A few Libertarians reading this are laughing at this inside joke)  If Root is nominated I will likely write-in Ron Paul.

Steven Kubby - I like him though he is too much of a Marijuana candidate.  Kubby is an American hero for civil liberties and I admire him greatly.  He is also perhaps uglier than Gary Nolan.

Dr. Mary Ruwart - Mary is a libertarian in the mold of Harry Browne.  In the convention I would vote for her on as many ballots as her name appears.

Daniel Imperato - Not exactly a libertarian.  He's a wealthy international businessman who would get the endorsement of Bloomberg if he were to be nominated.  I can't see that nomination happening.

There you go...where else are you going to get this kind of coverage on a convention that hardly anyone is going to watch on TV?

More stuff later...including another podcast with a prize inside.  Stay tuned!


libertylady said...

Excellent choice. Root reminds me of Russo except he's really more of a Republican still. The LP does not need to nominate a "true" conservative. The GOP does not have any more Ron Pauls.

little-cicero said...

I hear these librarian conventions are really quiet.

robert the grump said...

I wish the Libertarian candidate good luck and hope he/she steals as many McCain votes as possible.

Ralph Nader should hop in a Corvair and drive off a pier.

ronald said...

It's a myth that libertarians take more votes from Republicans. As polls indicated from the 2004 Gubernatorial election in Washington State that Ruth Bennett took more votes from Gregoire than Rossi.

Most nationwide polls including Rassmussen Reports latest poll showed that Bob Barr took equally from liberals and conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Root is a blowhard and a disgruntled Republican

berburbaby said...

No, little-cicero, librarian get togethers start off with pulling off the glasses and hairpins and then spinning the head around so the hair flies. Then they party.

Tracy said...

Yes, quite true. They start out frumpy and quiet and then it turns into a 70's porn movie...starring a John Stossel look alike.

little-cicero said...

Berburbaby: Fair enough. Although it remains to be answered whether these librarians pass around doobies at their parties or just talk about the right to pass around doobies. In any event, if they have half as much sense as Tracy suggests, they're blasting the CCR, man! And definitely not the Eagles, 'cause lets face it, if you have to write a harmonized song about "takin' it easy" you don't know the slightest thing about takin' it easy. "Tao as Tao cannot be named," man.

little-cicero said...

I KNEW that John Stossel turns on libertarians like no other TV personality. Any dreams you'd like to share with us Tracy?