Thursday, September 27, 2007

Non-Medicated Free Association

I headed to downtown Seattle to see Ron Paul and there were lots of Paul supporters down there. I ate at a downtown mall food court and sat next to three people who looked like they were out for a night on the town. Turns out they were Paul supporters as well and were all lifetime Democrats. I spoke with the older woman (probably in her late 60's) and she was hoping to get a copy of Ron Paul's latest book signed. As it turned out the group was pretty normal looking and present were many local mainstream Republicans who I will not identify here.

I recently spoke with someone close to the national campaign and suggested the campaign insist that Rudy and Mitt have their microphones killed while Ron Paul speaks in the next debate. Their childish antics of chuckling, coughing, and making noises during his small time to talk should not be allowed.

Lately I've been amused by the movie Dazed and Confused. I did not count this movie as one that influenced my life because it came out too late though it does make me long for the 70's again. And why I'm not sure. My personal view of drug abuse in particular is one of near zero tolerance. None of my friends take drugs and if they do they know better than to do it around me. It was true even when I played in a band and it is true now. I should point out that in my youth I drank like a thing that drinks alot (choosing fish was too obvious...c'mon)

Went to a high school football game the other night as well. The coach of the home team had just died of cancer and there was a time to honor him and celebrate his life. It's amazing how a community can better express itself just prior to 48 hard-fought minutes on the gridiron. Nice to see the country still has testosterone.

Mike Huckabee is a dolt.

Fred Thompson is an empty shirt if I ever saw one. I used to be optimistic at one point about Republicans that talked about smaller government but now I just feel lied to.

I've often said that LBJ was the worst president in my lifetime and now I know why. He thought that expanding a foreign war and expanding the entitlements here at home would be a good idea and it ended up ushering in a decade of poverty (the 70's). This "Guns and Butter" philosophy is the same prescribed by our current joke of a president and they're both from Texas. LBJ and Dubya are the worst presidents in my lifetime though Bush wins out because he inflicted his damage for two terms.

A friend told me that he discovered a photo of a young woman celebrity that she had taken for her boyfriend yet it magically became available worldwide. The photo was described as the young gal standing in her bedroom with no clothes on. My buddy showed it to another friend and his friend said, "She has a really nice bedroom."

I rode my motorcycle over to Grump's house on what will probably be the last acceptable weather day to do so. He mocked my bike only a little. He'll have Ron Paul yard sign magically appear in his yard.

I learned awhile ago that someone I work with is pregnant. I'm pretty excited for her because I know she'll be a great mom and the world needs more great moms.

I'm trying to come up with an alternate story for what I do for a living. What I do is hard to describe and would only inflict painful boredom on anyone who I attempt to explain it to. I'm thinking of just calling myself a "drifter." and when they ask questions I'll just quote lyrics from the song King of the Road.

There are no homos in Iran in case you didn't know.

Answers to emails I've been flooded with over the last two weeks:

No, I've already met Ron Paul and I just left him alone.

Yes, I was going to go to Uganda this year but will go next year instead.

Good point, but see my Huckabee statement above.

No, I knew the original band members were not together since two of them are DEAD! DUH.

Yes, she does have a nice bedroom...I agree.


Ronald said...

He returns!

I thought you were in some mexican jail or something

Gino said...

i was hoping he was out recruiting a Bears offense.

Anonymous said...

You never answered my question about Dennis Kucinich!

Esther said...

You're back, yay!

LBJ wanted the world to remember him. He was jealous of the support received by his predecessor, JFK (the whole, elite, educated, yadda, yadda). So he started the War on Poverty and micromanaged the Vietnam War. Yeah, the world remembered him. Before I knew anything about him I knew everyone hated him and he did a bad job. I actually met a poor guy who got named after him though, so I guess somebody liked him. Or maybe somebody just wanted to torture his child.